Australian international airports facing days of immigration delays

by Ray Clancy on March 22, 2016

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The Department of Immigration and Border Control has warned that people arriving and leaving Australia face delays in the next week due to strike action by staff members.

From Tuesday 22 March until 01 April there is likely to be problems at various international airports and cruise ship terminals due to an industrial dispute over pay and conditions.

Members of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) are taking the action over pay cuts and loss of family friendly working conditions in a dispute that has been going on for almost two years.


“While the likely level of participation is unknown, we strongly encourage airline and cruise ship passengers to plan for potential delays by arriving at international airports and cruise ship terminals even earlier over the next few weeks,” said a spokesman for the DIBP.

“The Department is working closely with stakeholders to minimise the impact on the travelling public, cargo and mail operations. We are also ensuring appropriate contingencies are in place for visa and citizenship services,” the spokesman added.

On Tuesday 22 March there is likely to be disruption at Cairns International Airport, Perth Airport, Darwin Airport and Adelaide Airport, while the action continues on Wednesday 23 March at Melbourne International Airport, Brisbane International Airport, Cairns International Airport, Perth Airport, Darwin Airport and Adelaide.

The following day, Thursday 24 March there will be a 24 hour stoppage across all departmental work sites in Australia. This stoppage is expected to cause delays for travellers arriving and departing Australia at all international airports and cruise ship terminals.

It continues on Friday 25 March 2016 at Sydney International Airport, Melbourne International Airport, Brisbane International Airport, Cairns International Airport, Perth Airport, Darwin and Adelaide.

On Easter Sunday 27 March there will be disruption as Sydney International Airport, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin and action at Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns on Monday 28 March.

Action is also scheduled for the 29, 30 and 31st March and the 01 April if there has been no settlement in the meantime.

“Striking workers are targeting the politicians and bosses who continue to treat them with contempt, but these rolling strikes may have some impact on the public, particularly at international airports. As with previous action at airports, we would advise passengers to contact their airline for information on whether they will be effected, and allow extra time when departing and arriving on international flights,” said CPSU national secretary Nadine Flood

“Some of the Border Force officers who’ll be striking at airports and elsewhere still facing actual cuts to their take home pay Among the most disturbing cuts that the Government refuses to take off the table are the removal of essential family friendly conditions in many agencies that allow people to juggle their work with their parenting and other responsibilities,” she added.

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