Australia’s Immigration Channel a Big Hit in You Tube

by Bob Sheth on June 10, 2010

in Australia Immigration

It might not be getting the number of hits like big name stars Lady Gaga in You Tube but the Australian government is very happy about the success of their venture in the website in spreading invaluable information about the country.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s (DIAC) online You Tube channel, “ImmiTV,” celebrated its second anniversary since they launched last May at the hugely popular video sharing website.

The Immigration Department said that they created the video channel to offer an engaging insight into DIAC’s programs and services and reach people all over the world.

The number speaks for the project’s success. The Department said that, “As at 7 June, the site had received more than 75,000 hits, which is a 15-fold increase in just its second year and it is still growing,” a Department Spokesperson claimed.

The spokesperson added that while those numbers might not up there with top forty music clips or funny videos normally associated with big numbers on You Tube, it is a very impressive result for a government department channel.

“More importantly, there is a lot of very significant content in our programs being viewed regularly at the site and it’s a testament to the quality of the material being produced that so much interest is being generated.” He said.

The Department said that the most popular clip on the channel was ‘VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) for visa holders which has recorded more than 12,000 views.

However, they said that there is a large range of content attracting viewers like video clips on the latest migration rules and guidelines and a cultural orientation about Australia for those wanting to migrate to the country.

They added that other clips featured on the channel include the department’s role in helping to unite a Congolese twins separated in a refugee camp, success stories of immigrants, and various education videos, such as information on the new Skilled Occupation List.

Of the 75,096 hits, there were 40,385 from direct hits to ImmiTV on You Tube, while the other 34,711 have been through other sites linked to the channel, which means ImmiTV channel is reaching a wide range of audiences in the online world. The Department’s ImmiTV channel is found here.

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