Home Affairs Department releases further details of new short term visas

by Ray Clancy on February 22, 2018

in Australia Immigration

Further clarification has been provided by the Australian Home Affairs Department on changes to the skilled temporary visa programme which come into force in March 2018.

The changes relate to new applications that are made under the new Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visas, a two year and a four year via, which replace the 457 visa from 19 March. They do not affect most current applications for the 457 visa.

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In the coming weeks it is expected that changes to the skilled occupations lists will be made and it could mean extra occupations being made available to employers in regional areas for certain visa programmes.

A DHA spokesman explained, however, that 457 nomination applications lodged without a related visa application being lodged will be cancelled and the nominee fee refunded.

Those applying for the new TSS visas will need to have at least two years of work experience in the previous five years in their nominated occupation. This could mean that students are less likely to be able to secure a visa straight after graduation.

There are also changes to the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) and the Employer Nomination Scheme which will require potential visas holders to have three years of relevant experience in the area they are being sponsored to work into.

Short term visas will be issued for two years, while medium term visas will be issued for up to four years. The short term stream of the visa will not provide a pathway to permanent residency.

When completing the nomination form, the employer will have to select the length of the employment period relevant to whether a two year or four year TSS application is being made.

There will also be a new condition for TSS visa holders who want to change the occupation their visa relates to. It will be up to the visa holder, not the employer, who will be responsible for getting a new nomination and visa approved.

For employers Labour Market Testing (LMT) will be mandatory for all TSS visa applications, unless international trade obligations apply. This means that at least two adverts will need to be published in English for at least 21 calendar days but not longer than six months before submitting a visa application.

Adverts will need to make clear what the title of the position is, give a job description and name the salary if it is below the high-income threshold.

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