More Brits seeking visas to work in Western Australia

by Ray Clancy on July 20, 2012

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Many British people seek a new life 'down under'

Indians and Chinese may have taken over as being the biggest groups of immigrants currently migrating to Australia, but there are still a large number of British people seeking a new life ‘down under’.

One company, VisaFirst, a London based visa and recruitment consultants, said it has seen an upsurge in enquiries from British applying for working visas for jobs in Western Australia in particular.

The latest data from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) shows that in 2011/2012 there were 29,018 Indian immigrants, 25,509 Chinese and 25,274 British. However, the proportion of British immigrants has actually increased by 13.7%.

The region is proving popular because incomes have soared due to the mining and commodities boom. The north western town of Onslow, for example, now ranks among Australia’s richest in terms of median personal income.

According to the latest Australian census, Western Australian towns grabbed the top 13 slots in a ranking of Australian towns with the highest personal incomes. CommSec analysis of the census data also shows that more than one in five households, 22.3%, in the mining town of Dampier earn more than $4,000 a week.

‘We are being contacted more and more by Western Australian employers looking for different skills,’ said Edwina Shanahan, director at VisaFirst.

‘We are filling these vacancies with both candidates from the UK, who are looking for a career move overseas, and also from UK candidates who are already working in Western Australia on working holiday visas, but who need an employer sponsor them so that they can continue working in Australia. If we can match up these job applicants with our employer contacts in Western Australia, it’s a win-win for all,’ she explained.

The whole state of Western Australia is classed as ‘regional’ which means that if has an eligible job offer for an applicant it can apply for a permanent resident visa for the main applicant and their family.

This means that the applicant can continue to live and work in Australia indefinitely. They will however be tied to the area for a two year period.

VisaFirst processes working holiday visas, skilled migrant visas, tourist visas and business visas, handling 800,000 visa cases per year for people travelling to more than 100 countries.

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