Moving to Australia, so many questions!

by Mark Benson on September 29, 2009

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Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia

To many, Australia seems to be the Promised Land as the country has instituted tighter controls for immigration into the country . Despite the more difficult path, more and more have been enticed to hedge their chances with getting a visa to Australia. There are many aspects of Australian life that makes it an ideal destination for many. These include the laid-back lifestyle, the climate and the overall modernity of cities such as Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra. Even if there are many similarities with Western European countries such as the United Kingdom, there still are stark differences that need to be learned and addressed before making a decision to move to Australia. The following are some of the basic questions asked and the advisories given to be better equipped in moving to Australia for you and your family.

Question one

“Am I right in thinking that I can ‘tag’ on to my girlfriends visa as a spouse / partner?”

Originally, only the spouse was recognized throughout many countries in the world as the proper individual to be “tagged” for a visa. The changing socio-cultural values have allowed partners to be included in the general group of individuals that can be “tagged” for visas into Australia. With this expanded definition, there have been regulations put into force to require from the visa applicants the existence of a “proper” relationship and not just a false relationship for the purpose of entry into Australia.

Question two

“As a permanent resident, if some reason her job were to disappear, could she or I just apply for another job and stay or would we have to come back to the UK?”

One of the most difficult but most rewarding of all immigration means is permanent residency in Australia.  Once you have obtained this status, you would be imbued with rights and privileges that have offer no restrictions to employment and length of stay. Also attendant to this status is the extension of these rights and privileges to your named spouse.  The main reason for entry into Australia is your ability to fulfill an employment demand in an industry Down Under and thus fulfill gaps in employment in the country.  If you can prove your viability as a productive worker that can help the Australian economy, then the immigration authorities would certainly grant you the visa you seek for your mutual benefit.

Question three

“We have quite a few unsecured debts here some on a payment plan and some not, I have heard a number of times that after 7 years our debts will be wiped if we just walk away from them in the UK. Has anyone done this? If so does it cause you a problem when visiting the UK? i.e. will I be handcuffed at Heathrow the minute if set foot back in the UK for a visit?”

This is one aspect of immigration that has become a glaring issue especially with the aftershocks of the global recession. The question delves into debt management obtained in the home country before moving on to Australia. There is no hard and fast rule to apply in these kinds of situations as much of the effect depends on the actual individual circumstances. What is certain though is that you would not just be able to leave all your debts in your home country without any financial arrangement to be put in effect. This can be in the form of bankruptcy or a debt repayment scheme. Once you have this in place, you can easily return to your home country. Do remember that these financial transactions are important when moving to a country such as Australia as this can definitely may prove to have an effect on your financial future Down Under.

Question four

“What are the criteria for becoming an Australian citizen? Is it time? Work? Having Aussie kids? or simply just a question of how good you look in a cork hat?”

It may be misconstrued that once a grant of visa entry into Australia is done, you would need to stay in the country for at least four years to be qualified for Australian citizenship. Before doing so, you need to exactly know what hurdles you are to face and what to expect in the future. You also need to learn about the taxes you would need to pay for, to understand the healthcare services in the country and the benefits allowed under the Welfare state.

Question five

“If we could get citizenship does that mean that you have to relinquish your UK citizenship or do you just have both?”

Once you have reached a decision to start a new life in a new country, moving from your previous location would be an easy task to do. The problem now is that once you have received Australian citizenship, would it be difficult for you to pay a return visit to your old home country?

The answer to this is that there are options available to the new Australian citizen. The first one is to apply for a visa back to the home country or if there is an existing diplomatic arrangement, just plane back into your old home country. The second option is to apply dual nationality since Australian laws allow the retention of immigrants of their original citizenship despite assumption into Australian citizenship.

Life in Australia

The allure of life in Australia has been the main reason why many take their chances in applying for an Australian visa. Some wait for years to see if they would be given the opportunity to start anew in Australia. Many who have been able to live in Australia have found disappointment since the Australia they viewed from the outside is very different from the real Australia they are now living in. Not everyone is suited for life in Australia, so in order to be fully aware of the challenges that you will be facing, you need to review and research how the real Australia operates before undertaking the process of immigration to Australia.


There is a dichotomy in the immigration process to Australia. If you have the skills and abilities that are in demand in the country, then moving to Australia would be a simple and straightforward matter. For others that do not score high on the points system, it would be quite an uphill climb. The good thing about obtaining any kind of visa into Australia is that it is preparatory to obtaining permanent residency in the country. Once you have obtained this kind of hallowed status, you will enjoy all the rights and privileges of an immigrant without limitations as to employment and activities while in the country. This is clearly evidenced by the privilege of tagging a spouse of a “skilled worker” and has proven to be one of the main and many attractions for starting a new life in the country Down Under.

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