New Australian visa charges start in January 2013

by Ray Clancy on December 19, 2012

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New Australian visa charges start in January 2013

It has been confirmed that charges for many of the most popular visas for working in Australia will rise substantially on 1st January 2013. They are the result of a plan announced by the Australian government in October to bring in a user pays system of charging for visas.

As a result the 457 temporary skilled worker visa application charge will increase from $350 to $455 and the Working Holiday Maker visa application charge will increase from $280 to $365. Skilled graduate visas for those who have completed two years study in Australia will see an increase in the application charge from $315 to $1,250 for the highly valued post study work rights visa.

The is also disappointing news on the subject of partner visa applications made in Australia which will increase from $3,060 to $3,975 and partner visa applications for those applying from outside Australia will rise from $2,060 to $2,700. Electronic visas are making the actual provision of visas cheaper as in most cases there is no longer a requirement to have an actual visa stamped on a passport. However, in some cases this actual physical evidence of a visa is still required but there will now be a $70 charge for it.

‘Providing label visas is a costly activity and the fee has been introduced in an attempt to phase out requests for visa labels across the world while recognising that some people may need to this form of physical evidence that they hold a visa,’ said a spokesman from KPMG which has provided a new guide to the visa charging system, adding, ‘For example, the authorities in some countries want to see evidence of an entry visa before they will permit someone to exit. Real estate agents and school authorities in Australia might also request to see evidence of a visa before leasing a flat or enrolling a student from overseas,’ he explained.

Quote from : “My girl friend has been to australia 3 times before from japan,first 2 times her visa was stamped no ferther stay,last time it was not,do you think it will stay that way from now on ,because if it stays with no conditions next time we are going to get married and then apply for a partner visa onshore.”

‘Although an email sent by the immigration department when a visa is granted provides evidence of this type, showing a visa label in a passport can be helpful in some situations as the concept of an electronic visa and the absence of a stamp in a passport is not always understood,’ he explained.

The spokesman also pointed out that although airlines and cruise ships have online access to departmental systems to check the visa status of passengers, it is recommended that visa holders carry the visa approval email with them when travelling. If a visa holder wants to have a visa label in their passport they will need to pay the fee and either present their passport in person at an immigration office or submit their passport with a Form 1405.

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Natito January 9, 2013 at 6:55 am

I love how they increase the partner fee's, yet they still don't provide an improvement during the lengthy process (sometimes longer than a year without seeing each other). There are many examples of longer delays and increasing delays without any actual tangible benefit for the increase in cost. Ie shorter processing periods, progression contact to indicate how the application is progressing or if it has even been looked at… anything to decrease the anxiety this process causes. It's actually worsening. Increasing times, less contact from case officers, delayed approval notification times from when the actual visas have been approved!!!!! Where is the money going to? Hmmmmm…. illegal immigration benefits or support perhaps? Especially considering the application fees are not refunded should the applications be declined and many hundreds of them are.

It's an absolute joke.

Get tougher on illegal immigration, rather than genuine immigration and force people to come via the process, rather than the boats! Immigration to Australia is a Shambles.


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