South Australia sees dramatic increase in business owners from overseas

by Ray Clancy on April 7, 2017

in Australia Immigration

A dramatic increase in business migrants moving to the state of South Australia is creating jobs with most of the visas being granted to business people from China.

The latest figures show that business migrant nominations doubled from 130 in 2013/2014 to 266 in 2015/2016 and in the 2016/2017 year to date there have already been around 300 nominations.

It means that the state will easily achieve its target of 250 set out in its Economic Priority strategy with 83% of those being nominated for this financial year to date from mainland China.

In addition three new migration agency offices have opened in Adelaide in the past financial year to provide consulting services to the increasing numbers of Chinese business people moving to South Australia.

In 2016 some 92 Chinese business migrants were granted visas, up from 59 granted in 2015. Many more are expected with the state having nominated 607 overseas business people for visa grants in the past 18 months.

The growth in migration offices is part of a key initiative in the state government’s updated China Engagement Strategy, to support new and existing Chinese migrants to South Australia.

However, there have been changes announced to the requirement for high points state nomination visas from 80 to 85 as the overall quota of nominations was achieved under the existing 80 points requirement with the new points requirement coming into effect on 19 April 2017.

A spokesman said that this will not affect applications lodged prior to this date, but applications for high points nomination received after this time will be refused if they fall short of the required 85 points.

However, some occupations have been excluded from the high points and chain migration streams including general accountant, human resources adviser, marketing specialist, sales representative, university lecturer, university tutor, hospital pharmacist and retail pharmacist.

It means that these occupations will not be available for the high point or chain migration with immediate effect, but does not affect applications lodged prior to 1 pm on 05 April 2017. Applications for these occupations lodged after this time will be refused if applying for high points or chain migration nomination.

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