South Australian state sponsorship plan for 2011 agreed

by Ray Clancy on January 6, 2011

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South Oz migration plan unveiled

The South Australian Government has agreed its 2011 State Migration Plan that has a cap on the total number of grants for the year.

For 2011 South Australian’s cap in the state sponsorship programme is 4,650 visa grants, which includes primary and secondary applicants.

It has also revealed that a wide range of nationalities have settled in the state from a broad range of countries including the UK, Brazil, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Their stories reveal the different ways that migrants end up arriving in Australia and finding work. One, Alex, an account executive, said that he first arrived on a working holiday visa and liked it so much he decided to stay. ‘Having come from the UK with a chemical background it was important for me to try and still use that information and that knowledge. I was lucky enough to be employed by a small to medium enterprise,’ he said.

Eda and James, a project co-ordinator and a construction co-ordinator, also from the UK, were attracted by the Australian education system. ‘School education is one of the major factors we considered when moving over to Australia. We’re both really happy with what we’ve found here regarding education. We decided to take our kids to a local school near where we lived and everyone has made our children welcome, they feel part of the family.

Eunice, a registered nurse from South Africa said that she arrived with virtually nothing. ‘My colleagues have been so friendly. I came out here without anything but people have been so generous, so genuine. Most of the things I could not afford I can afford now. My kids saw the beach for the first time here, it is so refreshing,’ she said.

Wildlife experts Rob and Martine from the Netherlands have found job satisfaction by moving to South Australia. ‘It is an absolute dream come true. I’ve studied animal management in the Netherlands and did nothing with it. Kangaroo Island is a dream. I’ve worked with sea lions, endangered species. I now work in a koala management programme handling koalas everyday. It’s brilliant,’ said Rob.

Regional sales manager Lorna, from the UK, had only planned to stay in Australia for six months six years on she loves her life. ‘I totally fell in love with Adelaide. What I’ve got is an amazing lifestyle, a great new career and some fabulous new friends and a life that I absolutely love. It’s totally exceeded all the expectations I had,’ she explained.

Job opportunities on the state sponsorship list for 2011 include openings in engineering, sales and marketing, construction, hotel management, finance and insurance brokers, vets, and even wine making.

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