Support grows for three-year working visas for international graduates

by Ray Clancy on August 25, 2011

in Australia Immigration

Visas for diplomas

Queensland State Premier Anna Bligh is pushing for the creation of three-year working visas for international graduates with skills that are needed in the region.

She has gathered a wealth of support from other states and territories for the new visas, which she believes, would help stop the recent decline in international student numbers and would also prepare the nation for the next mining boom.

She said the new visas are needed to help encourage skilled overseas graduates who are needed to help growth Queensland’s vital industries by ensuring that the state has the necessary workforce.

The move comes amid concerns about declining numbers of international students in recent years. Bligh said states and territories have asked the Commonwealth to evaluate this idea to stop the fall in student numbers.

‘Australia is on the cusp of a resources boom and we are facing a looming skills crisis. We should not be discouraging young, enthusiastic workers who are keen to fill these roles,’ she said.

Bligh explained that the resources sector alone would generate 38,000 jobs in the next few years and unprecedented opportunities for graduates in key disciplines such as engineering, environmental science, metallurgy, as well as law, hospitality, accounting and management.

She added that the international education and training industry is placed third in Queensland in terms of export generation, directly and indirectly giving jobs to about 17,000 state people.

‘However, the student visa changes of 2009 are proving to be painful for the industry and resulting in severe losses. It was very important that we take some steps and resolutely,’ she said.

She believes that a new system would assist in stopping the current dip in the number of overseas students coming to Australia and would ready the country for the next mining boom as well.

‘The all new works for not just the budding market sectors of Queensland but also guaranteeing that we have the most appropriate human resource that have the expertise we are looking for,’ she added.

Recently the resources sector has also reached an agreement in order to expand their staff from coastline areas where a hefty proportion of people are unemployed.

A series of job expos are about to begin in the month of October and would include areas such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns. ‘Between now and 2015, 38000 construction and process jobs will be generated,’ added Bligh.

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