New free trade agreement set to boost visas for Chinese people

by Ray Clancy on November 19, 2014

in Immigration Documentation

Skilled service workers from China will be able to have easier access to jobs in Australia under a new free trade agreement.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has announced the completion of negotiations for a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which supports increased trade and investment between the two countries.


Skilled workers from China will now have an easier time getting a visa to work in Australia

This will result in improved temporary entry access within the context of each country’s immigration and employment frameworks.

‘Under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, the Government has committed to providing visa pathways for business entrants from China, including Chinese skilled service providers, investors and business visitors. This commitment provides businesses with certainty and supports bilateral trade,’ Morrison said.

Australia has also agreed with China on an Investment Facilitation Arrangement which will enable companies to respond to the unique economic and labour market challenges related to large infrastructure development projects with an expected capital expenditure of $150 million.

‘The Investment Facilitation Arrangement will allow Chinese owned companies registered in Australia to negotiate project based labour agreements for large infrastructure development projects,’ Morrison explained.

‘Sponsors seeking to enter into a labour agreement under the Investment Facilitation Arrangement would need to demonstrate a labour market need, pay the Australian market salary rate and comply with all Australian laws, including those relating to employment and licensing,’ he added.

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement also includes a Work and Holiday visa arrangement for up to 5,000 educated Chinese nationals each year, who will be able to have an extended holiday in Australia for up to 12 months, as well as undertake short term work and study.

‘This arrangement will increase demand for tourism services and create jobs,’ Morrison said.

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