Australia’s Labor Force is Growing

by Bob Sheth on June 16, 2010

in Jobs in Australia

More people are working all across Australia. A recent labor force figure released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Australia fell from 5.4 per cent in April to 5.2 per cent in May.

According to the latest ABS survey, the economy created more than 26,900 jobs last month, setting the total number Australians into the work force at more than eleven million people.

Minister for Employment, Julia Gillard, said that this month’s figure had exceeded market expectations in almost every category.  “The growth in the country’s employment rate would be great news for working families scrambling to put food on the table and are struggling in paying the monthly rent or mortgage,” Minister Gillard explained.

She added that while they expect the figure to continue to change from month to month, the increase in the number of Australians presently working was a welcome development.

The Australian market was expecting that the country’s unemployment rate would remain steady at 5.4 per cent and for just 20,000 jobs to be created in May. Meanwhile, the Bureau estimates that the trend in the Labor Under Utilization rate for individuals rose from 12.9% in May 2000 to 14.2% in November 2001. The trend then generally fell to 10.0% in May 2008 before rising again to 13.7% in August 2009. The trend has since fallen to 12.3% in May 2010.

Full time employment rose by 36,400 or 7.780 million while part-time employment decreased 9,400 or 3.277 million showing a move away from simple substitution of part time employment with full time jobs.

The average number of monthly hours worked increased by 2.9 per cent or 43.9 million hours. Unemployment remains high in other comparable advanced economies, with an unemployment rate of 9.7 per cent in the US, 10.1 per cent in France, 8.8 per cent in Italy and 8.2 per cent in Canada.

Ms. Gillard said that, while today’s ABS figures confirmed Australia’s strong economic position, there is still a real need for caution with 600,900 Australians remaining out of work. The participation rate dropped slightly by 0.2 per cent to 65.1 per cent.

She said that, “The Government’s top priority is to keep Australians at work is why the stimulus measures continue to be vitally important. The gradual withdrawal of the stimulus would support Australian jobs and businesses as the global recovery continues,” she further claimed.

Across the country the unemployment rate fell in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory. The rate remained steady in ACT and Tasmania, only rising slightly in Victoria.

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