Australia sees increase in job ads, particularly in healthcare and medical

by Ray Clancy on June 17, 2016

in Jobs in Australia

There is more good news for those seeking jobs in Australia with the latest data showing that the strength of the labour market continues to be fuelled by job ad growth in the largest employing states.

Most people moving to Australia want to work and live in New South Wales and Victoria and in these states the number of jobs advertised has continued to increase, according to the May 2016 report from SEEK.

In New South Wales, year on year job ad growth increased by 13.4% while in Victoria SEEK new job ads were up 10.6% from 12 months ago and the sectors with the biggest rise are healthcare and medical.

Health care in Spain

“There remains a number of divergent trends in job advertising across Australia’s states and territories at the present time,” said SEEK spokesperson Kendra Banks, adding that the trend data shows that there has been some relatively strong growth in job advertising on SEEK for South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory.

The figures show that the strength in South Australia is a relatively new and welcome trend driven by growth in construction, trades and services and manufacturing, transport and logistics.

Compared to 12 months ago, the job ad growth for South Australia has increased by 13.1% while in Tasmania there has been a rise of 9.1% and in the Australian Capital Territory job ads have risen by 21.9%.

Western Australia remains the weakest employment market, with job ads for this state declining by 14.6% when compared to the same time last year.

However, there is a clear difference in candidate availability at a state and territory level.
In Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory it’s a hirers market. For each job advertised there is a higher than average number of candidates applying, creating more competition for job seekers but providing hirers with a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

In New South Wales and Victoria the job hunting conditions for candidates are more aligned, with a reasonable balance between jobs advertised and candidates applying, but this has been tightening over the past five months.

Healthcare and medical sectors continues to be a high employing industry in Australia with ads up 13% year on year but there is a different picture state by state. Ads in this sector were up 22% in New South Wales, 15% in Victoria and just 9% in Queensland.

“The Healthcare and Medical industry has again experienced positive year on year job ad growth across every state and territory, except Western Australia that has lower job ad volumes than seen a year ago,” said Banks.

An industry breakdown shows that demand has increased most noticeably in Ambulance and Paramedics, Speech Therapy, Natural Therapies and Alternative Medicine, Nursing, Chiropractic and Osteopathic, Dental and Pathology.

Other industries that have shown strong year on year job ad growth across Australia include a 52% rise in Government and Defence, a 32% rise in Farming Animals and Conservation, and a 17% rise in Trades and Services.

The weakest sectors for job advertising in May were Banking and Financial Services, Sales, and Insurance and Superannuation.

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