Australian Working Holiday Visa a hit with young Brits

by Bob Sheth on May 22, 2010

in Jobs in Australia

Feeling the economic pinch, a large number of young British gals and lads are trooping down under on an Australian Working Holiday Visa binge.

The crunching recession in the UK has forced more than 200,000 students to forego university study this year and as new graduates are equally having a hard time finding a suitable job in the country’s shrinking job market.

Students prefer Australia as a holiday getaway because the country allows them to have fun and to earn extra buck on the side.

According to the Australian Visa Bureau, the Australia Working Holiday Visa gives holders limited working permits to supplement their travel, as long as the work undertaken is incidental to the main purpose of travel. And employment for more than six months with any one employer is not allowed.

One must also apply outside Australia and must meet basic requirements, i.e.,must be between 18 and 30 years old; Must have a valid passport with at least one year until renewal; must have sufficient funds to support yourself when  upon arrival in Australia.

Additional health and character requirements are needed like no substantial criminal conviction and medical issues.

Australia has seen an increase of 15 percent last year compared to the previous year as it granted the visa to some 40, 000 young people from the UK.

Australian Visa Bureau Director Guy Bradley said: “Anecdotally, we have seen an increase in Britons seeking to improve their employability and life skills through work experience overseas, specifically through the Australian Working Holiday programme.”

Mr. Bradley believes that the trend will continue and sees another record-breaking year this year.

“The opportunity to work in Australia enables young people to gain valuable experience in any number of industries, for example, administration, hospitality and management, horticulture, or to expand on university training,” he added.

Those who are interested can take a free online assessment by visiting or the Australian Visa Bureau website.

Australian Visa Bureau is an independent immigration advisory service specializing in visas and immigration for British nationals looking to live and work in Australia.

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Joe McCrory November 3, 2010 at 4:13 pm

Hi, n nI was granted a Working holiday visa for OZ but didnt actually go. n nCan i let the visa expire and appply for a new one in future?


jamie c July 6, 2011 at 10:08 pm

hello . i have not long be granted my 12 month working visa and i want to go soon as . but i am a bit confused and don’t really no what to expect i am going to Adelaide i am going book me flights in the next 2 weeks …… but i don’t know what the score is with the 5 thousand dollars in the bank do i have 2 transfer the money in my Australian bank account b4 i leave or do i leave it in my UK account ….please sum 1 help me 😛 …….. thanks jamie


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