Cyber security could be the big in demand job sector in Australia in 2018

by Ray Clancy on January 15, 2018

in Jobs in Australia

Cyber security experts and civil construction professionals are likely to be in high demand in Australia in 2018, according to the latest analysis of the employment market.

These are industries where there are also likely to be opportunities for skilled workers from overseas as there are shortages and they could qualify for sponsored visas.

Cyber Security


The latest Hays Jobs Report, covering January to June 2018, points to strong vacancy activity in these areas in jobs that cannot yet be automated.

With the monthly figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing 14 consecutive months of jobs growth and Hays’ own survey of employers finding 45% will increase permanent staff levels in the financial year to June 2018, the six months ahead look set to be strong with continuing momentum.

‘We start 2018 off the back of a strong, stable run of jobs growth where the labour market grew by over 383,000 positions in the past 12 months. Basically, more people are looking for and finding work,’ said Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand.

‘New calendar year hires will add to momentum as employers fills gaps in their headcount to take advantage of strong economic conditions,’ he explained, and added that in terms of the active industries for 2018, construction, professional services, healthcare and IT and Telecommunications are the ones to watch.

He also points to the need for non-routine workers, a trend reflected in the Hays Jobs Report. ‘The rapid rise in robotics and automation will create highly skilled roles that require people with particular knowledge and expertise in non-routine and non-repetitive tasks,’ he added.

Skills in demand include commercial analysts in response to a greater focus on growth and a desire for revenue generation to be driven from finance not operations along with data analysts with both hard and soft skills who can use digital tools and pull data together while managing stakeholders and communicating the evidence for decision making purposes.

Also in demand are digital marketing analysts who are experienced digital marketers and can also implement a full marketing strategy as well as cyber security and DevOps specialists as the need for risk mitigation and process improvements increases.

In the IT sector the skills in demand are likely to be PHP, Drupal, Native iOS and Android and Microsoft SQL BI developers along with business development managers to drive new business growth.

Real estate could also see demand for property and construction lawyers as well as experienced residential property managers, project managers, site managers and contract administrators for construction projects. Project lead architects with exposure to all stages of a project could also be sought after.

In other professions there is demand forecast for clinical research associates as more clinical trials are conducted in Australia and also demand for social workers, early childhood teachers and principals and deputy principles in the schools sector.

Although the resources sector in Australia has had an up and down few years, demand for gas means that more roles are likely for project engineers in the oil and gas sector as construction and upgrade projects commence. Mechanical Fitters in certain locations are needed in response to expansions in the resources and mining industry.

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