It specialists in high demand in Australia with opportunities for skilled overseas personnel

by Ray Clancy on July 31, 2018

in Jobs in Australia

IT specialists looking to work in Australia are likely to find a wide variety of job opportunities with employers in the sector looking to increase the number of permanent staff they employ.

Some 53% of employers expect to increase permanent IT staff levels and 33% expect to increase their use of temporary and contract IT staff, according to the 2018/2019 salary guide from recruitment specialists Hays.

IT Workers

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It also reveals that 35% of organisations now employ temporary and contract staff in their IT department on a regular ongoing basis and another 44% employ them for special projects or workloads.

Given vacancy activity, hotspots of skills in demand are emerging, it explains and demand is forecast to be high for Full Stack .Net developers given the popularity of Microsoft and Full Stack Java developers are in short supply while Front-end JavaScript developers are also sought. With technology moving quickly, there is a shortage of developers who have commercial experience in this area, it adds.

With organisations continually shifting their focus to meet changing consumer expectations, UX/UI developers and designers, web and mobile, are in high demand. Employers want to improve the customer experience, with functionality and ease of use considered critically important.

Azure/AWS developers are expected to remain in high demand as organisations continue to transfer their data to the cloud. However, supply fails to meet demand since few skilled developers possess knowledge of cloud technologies. While more professionals are upskilling and gaining experience in this area, the number with proven commercial experience remains low, the report points out.

It also reveals that developers with certifications and commercial experience working with cloud platforms are often able to command higher salaries. Salary increases have also been seen for Front-end and Java developers, illustrating how tight the competition for talent is.

In general, over half, some 52%, of IT and telecommunications employers will give their staff a pay rise of less than 3% in their next review while 8% will not increase salaries at all. According to the guide, a further 32% will increase salaries between 3% to 6% while 8% will raise them by 6% or more.

Compared to their last review, when 14% of IT and telecommunications employers gave no increases and 12% increased by 6% or above, the findings show that more professionals will receive an increase but fewer will receive a raise at the higher level of 6% and above.

Despite this, the IT and telecommunications industry remains more generous than most. On average and across all industries some 18% of employers will give staff an increase of 3% to 6% and 6% will increase by 6% or more.

Those seeking jobs are advised to stay up to date with the latest technology trends and skills while simultaneously developing their business acumen. ‘Digital technology is critical to keeping an organisation competitive, which is why employers want commercially-minded technology professionals. If you are looking to advance your career, improving your business knowledge will put you in a unique position to bridge the gap between the corporate and technical worlds and futureproof your career,’ the report says.

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