More jobs available in Australia in the mining, resources and energy sectors

by Ray Clancy on May 18, 2017

in Jobs in Australia

The mining, resources and energy sector in Australia is undergoing a revival with more jobs available which could increase the need for skilled professionals from overseas.

Overall there were 6.6% more new jobs being advertised across the country in April, according to the monthly analysis report from jobs site SEEK, with the mining, resources and energy sector seeing the biggest growth.

Mining Jobs


The figures show that compared to a year ago the mining, resources and energy sector job adverts were up by 55% and according to Michael Ilczynski, managing director for SEEK Australia and New Zealand, it is encouraging news.

‘For the past five years, the mining, resources and energy sector has been among the industries with the lowest job ad growth so this is very encouraging for people looking at working in this industry, or those looking to develop their career in this industry,’ he said.

He pointed out that the boost is not just isolated to April. Over the past three months advertising across Australia for these industries has risen 70% year on year compared with April 2016.

‘This improvement, while off a low base, also reflects the sharp increases in prices of Australia’s largest resources, coal and iron ore, though some of these rises have since partially reversed,’ he added.

The areas with the most number of jobs in April included mining engineering and maintenance, mining operations and mining drill and blasting. In Western Australia, where much of the industry is located, total new job adverts increased by 12.7% year on year while those in the mining, resources and energy sectors were up by 60% compared to a year ago.

In New South Wales and Victoria, Australia’s largest labour markets, advertising was up 2.3% and 7.4% respectively with the IT sector seeing the biggest growth in both states. While in South Australia adverts were up 18.4% year on year, led by a 34% rise in trades and services, and the state has now seen job demand rise for 25 months in a row.

Job adverts increased by 8.8% year on year in Queensland with growth restored after a fall of 2% in March, which the firm suggests was due to the effects of Cyclone Debbie and the timing of Easter.

The data also shows that the number of jobs being advertised increased by 10.1% year on year in Tasmania, by 5.5% in the Australian Capital Territory and by 1.2% in the Northern Territory.

Success in finding a job depends on location with some states seeing more competition than others. For example, compared to a year ago, it was easier to secure a position in New South Wales and Victoria while Ilczynski said that in South Australia, Queensland, and the ACT conditions were challenging for both job seekers and hirers and in South Australia, there was a slight improvement for job seekers.

But in Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory it was a hirer’s market in April. ‘For each job advertised there was a higher than average number of candidates applying, creating more competition for job seekers but providing hirers with a larger pool of candidates to choose from,’ Ilczynski added.

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