Online jobs board aimed at Australia working holiday visa holders

by Ray Clancy on April 29, 2013

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Online jobs board aimed at Australia working holiday visa holders

Online jobs board aimed at Australia working holiday visa holders

Young people on holiday in Australia or planning a long stay can now look for temporary positions on a new online jobs board which features the latest vacancies. Many Australian tourism businesses are currently struggling to fill temporary positions. They are being encouraged to take advantage of a recently launched online jobs board that allows businesses to advertise temporary jobs to Australian travellers and international working holiday makers trying to find seasonal work as they travel the country.

‘Finding people to fill temporary job vacancies is an issue many tourism operators struggle with, particularly given the seasonal nature of the business,’ said Andrew McEvoy, managing director, Tourism Australia. ‘Our industry currently has around 36,000 temporary jobs which need filling. What the new jobs board does is match job seekers to many of those hard to fill temporary vacancies, which is a big win-win for the industry and for youth travellers,’ he added.

The partnership between Tourism Australia and means that businesses looking for temporary or casual staff can upload unlimited job ads for free until 1 March 2014. The jobs are visible on a dedicated working holiday site and across the CareerOne network. ‘Whether it’s temporary staff to turn down beds, wait tables, serve coffees or help out as a tourism guide, many operators can benefit from this new site. My advice to businesses with hard to fill temporary jobs is to register now,’ explained McEvoy.

The site has already received over 36,000 unique visits in the six weeks since it was launched and is also being promoted by Tourism Australia to more than 430,000 fans on its Australian Working Holiday Facebook page. The new jobs board has been developed to help support Tourism Australia’s Best Jobs in the World competition, a new global youth push to attract more working holiday makers to Australia.

Quote from : “I am starting to think, rather seriously, about coming to Australia, for a gap (half) year and , subsequently, building up a future there (unless I find Aus pretty horrible, which is very unlikely I assume!)”

‘With many of the world’s economies stagnating and with youth unemployment on the rise, there has never been a better time to take a working holiday in Australia and probably never a better opportunity of finding suitable work,’ McEvoy said.

Ben Foote from said the new dedicated temporary jobs portal already had over 1,200 pre-loaded and was expecting that number to increase significantly as more Australian businesses became aware of 12 month free jobs upload service. ‘As one of the largest and most well known employment sites in the world we believe we have the size and scale to help match many international visitors to temporary positions which desperately need filling in all parts of the country,’ Foote explained.

In addition to the new jobs board, an online jobs widget has been developed which businesses in Australia and overseas can embed into their own website, allowing visitors to search for temporary positions while they research, plan and book their Australian holiday. More and more young people are opting for working holidays in Australia, with nearly 140,000 Working Holiday Maker visas granted in the last six months of 2012, some 23.2% higher than the same period in 2011.

In 2012, Working Holiday Makers contributed A$2.5 billion to the Australian economy, each spending on average in excess of A$13,000 during their stay.

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