Overseas seasonal workers pilot programme introduced in Northern Australia

by Ray Clancy on May 23, 2016

in Jobs in Australia

Australian tourism businesses across Northern Australia will now be able to employ seasonal workers from abroad to help fill seasonal labour shortages.

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash said the pilot scheme will help boost the sector and unlock the potential of the vast area.

Indeed, Tourism minister Richard Colbeck pointed that the industry plays a crucial role in contributing to the Northern Australian economy, with tourism workers often needed outside of standard business hours in the peak season.

Foreign Workers Dusk

The tourism pilot was developed in close consultation with peak industry organisations and provides a range of opportunities in jobs not currently available to seasonal workers under the programme.

A full list of jobs seasonal workers can be employed in under the tourism pilot can be found at the government’s employment website and initially it will be limited to people from nine Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste.

Colbeck explained that the tourism pilot will help businesses in the tourism industry overcome seasonal labour shortages, providing an alternative source of reliable workers for employers who cannot find enough Australians to do the job.

“The expected growth in the tourism sector in Northern Australia is exciting however it also means we need to ensure there is access to a workforce to provide the quality of services that visitors to Australia expect,” he added.

Cash hopes that the pilot will allow employers to fully test the local job market before they can apply to recruit seasonal workers while make sure that jobs are filled.

While Northern Australia holds many of the nation’s most attractive tourism destinations, it is home to just 5% of the country’s population and finding seasonal workers can be hard.

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