Queensland issues its new list of skill shortages as it unveils its latest state plan

by Ray Clancy on December 10, 2010

in Jobs in Australia

Queensland issues new skills shortage list

The Queensland State Government in Australia is trying to attract more skilled workers who can positively contribute to its workforce.

As part of a its State Migration Plan it has issues an updated list of eligible occupations for state sponsorship as it battles with critical skills shortages in many areas.

Individual Australian states and territories have agreements with the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship to enact individual State Migration Plans. These agreements specify the total number of immigration applicants each state or territory are permitted to sponsor and which occupations are in demand.

Queensland currently has skills shortages in many priority industry areas, especially high growth ones, such as regional health practitioners and engineers for mining and coal steam gas projects.

Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Employment Andrew Fraser said there are 83 specific occupations included under the state’s new State Migration Plan.

The state is holding a number of seminars in the New Year in the UK in a bid to attract people who can fill the positions. These include Guildford on the 22nd January, Leeds on the 29th January, Birmingham on the 26th and 27th February and the Down Under Live expo in London on the 5th and 6th of March.

The list for offshore skilled sponsored applicants includes engineers, pharmacists, medical practitioners, nurses, ICT business analysts, psychologists and social workers. Most positions require a minimum of five years of experience. However, medical professions require three years in general, whereas geotechnical and mining engineers require a minimum of seven years.

The list for international students applying onshore for skilled sponsorship covers medical laboratory scientists, radiographers and sonographers, radiation therapists and nuclear medicine technologists, dentists and general medical practitioners. No minimum work experience is specified.

The list for the provisional skilled, regional sponsored visa consists of 84 occupations including, management accounting, teachers, various health professions such as physiotherapists, audiologists, speech pathologists, most medical practitioner specialist occupations, software and applications programmers, and aircraft maintenance engineers.

In general, the minimum amount of work experience required for this category is three years but exceptions include health professions at two years, GPs require one year, and secondary school teachers two years. IT business analysts require at least five years, and software and applications programmers require at least seven. One year is required for radiographers, sonographers, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, psychologists and aircraft maintenance engineers.

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