Visa options for skilled jobs fall in South Australia due to high demand

by Ray Clancy on March 13, 2018

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Certain categories, mostly relating to financial services, will no longer be available until at least the end of June 2018 for visa applicants for positions in the state of South Australia.

The South Australian Government has announced restrictions to its High Points category for visas due to a high number of applications and it will be closely monitoring all applications over the coming weeks.

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As a result a number of positions, including finance manager, general accountant, tax accountant, finance broker, financial market dealer, finance investment advisor and financial investment manager are now closed for the 2017/2018 financial year.

Officials also said that in all positions, once the High Points category is close to reaching it’s quota the minimum points required will automatically be raised to 90. Upon filling the quota the High Points category will be closed for the remainder of the financial year.

Applications submitted before 19 February 2018 will remain unaffected and any further changes will be posted on Immigration South Australia’s website.

The High Points category is available to applicants wanting a skilled visa and who need sponsorship from a State or Territory in Australia. Normally applicants who can achieve 75 points and have an occupation on South Australia’s Supplementary Skilled List will be able to apply for sponsorship from South Australia under the category.

Those who are approved are automatically invited to apply for a skilled visa but they still need to meet all other South Australian state nomination requirements to qualify. Quotas apply in the High Points category, meaning once the spaces for an occupation are filled, this option is no longer be available.

The State is receiving high numbers of applications for visas from people seeking to work in Australia. In January the Subclass 188/132 state nomination visa stream was temporarily closed as the number of places allocated by the Department of Home Affairs was exceeded.

A South Australia immigration spokesman said that officials hope to be able to re-open these stream to applicants in late March of early April 18 when additional places are released.

Applications that have commenced but not completed or submitted on the Immigration South Australia website will no longer be able to be accessed.

Employment is currently high in Australia with 70% of positions being filled within a month and skills shortages in a number of areas, particularly engineering and healthcare.

Recent research from job seekers firm Indeed found that South Australia and ACT have jobs filled the quickest with 73% of roles being filled within 30 days, followed by Queensland at 72% and Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania at 71%.

New South Wales at 69% and the Northern Territory at 68% had the lowest rates of jobs filled within 30 days indicating that they are most favourable markets in Australia for job seekers.

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