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Official figures show fewer permanent visas were granted in Australia in 2016/2017

by Ray Clancy on October 17, 2017

in Australia Immigration

Fewer permanent visas were granted for people moving to Australia in the 2016/2017 financial year, the latest official figures show.

The data from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) shows that some 183,600 permanent visas were granted to for skilled workers and family.

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The total is a fall of 6,400 compared to the previous financial year and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that it was in line with the Government’s strategy of ensuring that migration levels are consistent with Australia’s genuine labour market needs.

Of the permanent visas granted, skill stream visas totalled more than 123,500 and family stream visas totalled more than 56,200.

Dutton pointed out that the immigration programme is structured to deliver the best possible outcomes for Australians and meet both skilled labour and family needs.

‘Our immigration systems are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our economy and labour market. The skill stream in particular helps to fill identified skill shortages,’ he explained.

‘The 2016/2017 migration programme outcome demonstrates the Government’s commitment to sustainable and responsible migration to enhance our economy and bring families together,’ he added.

A breakdown of the figures show that visas for skilled workers made up some 67.3% of visas granted with 63.9% for professional occupations, 17.1% trades and technicians and 10.4% for managers.

Some 33.5% of visa holders moved to New South Wales, 25.9% to Victoria, 11.7% to Queensland and 10.3% to Western Australia, while the biggest source of new immigrants was India, followed by China and then the UK.

But all three countries have seen numbers falling. Some 21.2% or 38,854 visas were granted to Indians, a fall from 40.145, while 15.4% or 28.293 visas were for Chinese people, down from 29,008, and 9.3% or 17,038 for British people, a decline from 18,950 the previous year.

The next biggest group was 12,209 for people from the Philippines, 6.556 from Pakistan, 5,493 from Vietnam, 4,589 from South Africa, 4,290 from Nepal, 4,049 from Malaysia and 3,855 from Ireland.


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