Australian State develops safety brochure for Chinese visitors

by Ray Clancy on February 11, 2016

in Australia Travel

Arriving in a country where you might not be familiar with the culture and the language can be daunting as can coping with basic things such as safety and security.

Now the University of Queensland’s Confucius Institute and the Queensland Police Service, Far North District, have joined forces to develop a safety brochure for Chinese people travelling to the area.

The brochure is printed in English and Chinese and highlights the need for water safety, accommodation security and personal safety.


Each year more than 190,000 tourists from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan visit Cairns and the surrounding area and the university’s executive Dean Professor Tim Dunne said that there was a need for a public safety campaign after a number of tourist deaths in the past year.

“The Queensland Police Service and the Confucius Institute have worked to develop a proactive campaign which aims to highlight safety issues and build awareness,” he explained.

“There has been strong support for the campaign from the Senior Executive at the University of Queensland, the Mayor’s office in Cairns and the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China,” he added.

The university’s Provost and Senior Vice-President Professor Max Lu grew up in Shandong Province in eastern China, and has written a message for the brochure, as has the Queensland Police Northern Region Assistant Commissioner, Paul Taylor.

As part of the campaign, 50,000 brochures have been printed and a large number of tourist operators have already received training on promoting water safety to international visitors.

Dunne pointed out that the leaflet was ready in time for Chinese New Year this month when there is always an influx of Chinese tourists in north Queensland.

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