International visitors encouraged to visit indigenous sites in Australia

by Ray Clancy on July 15, 2015

in Australia Travel

People visiting Australia are being encouraged to include Indigenous tourism experiences as part of their trip and learn more about Aboriginal history.

A film entitled Aboriginal Australia: Our Country is Waiting for You, has been created in collaboration with renowned Australian filmmakers Brendan Fletcher and Warwick Thornton and tells the story of Australia’s unique Indigenous culture.


A new film entitled Aboriginal Australia: Our Country is Waiting for You, focuses on Aboriginal tourism areas

Developed in partnership with Austrade, the film features a diverse range of Indigenous activities, adventures and immersive cultural experiences which can be enjoyed in the Red Centre and Outback, lush rainforests and tropics as well as in cities and urban environments.

One of the misconceptions that the film aims to dispel is that Indigenous tourism experiences can only be found in hot, dry and remote areas.

Australian directors Brendan Fletcher, known for the film Mad Bastards, and Warwick Thornton, best known for his work on acclaimed movies Samson and Delilah and The Sapphires, worked closely with nine Indigenous tourism operators from four States and Territories across Australia.

Tourism Australia Managing Director, John O’Sullivan, explained that the film aims to increase awareness, interest and participation in Indigenous tourism experiences across Australia.

‘Australia’s Indigenous experiences are a unique and important part of our tourism offering. Currently, 14% of our international visitors participate in an Aboriginal cultural experience during their trip, helping to inject $6.4 billion annually into our visitor economy,’ he said.

‘We’re confident this new short film, and our plans to make sure it is widely distributed both in Australia and overseas, will help promote this important facet of Australian tourism and grow these figures,’ he added.

The film will be shown in Australia and a number of Tourism Australia’s key international markets, including China, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, the UK and the USA where it is expected to be seen on TV, online and in cinemas by more than 50 million people over the next few weeks.

The film has already received strong backing from the tourism industry, including Sydney Airport, international airlines Etihad Airways and Virgin Australia and hotel groups Accor Hotels Australia and IHG who have all agreed to provide a platform to show the film to their passengers, guests and employees.

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