Latest arrival and departure data delayed by system errors, says Oz immigration

by Ray Clancy on December 1, 2014

in Australia Travel

System errors have resulted in problems with the data used to record the number of people arriving in and leaving Australia.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has announced a delay in the publication of overseas arrivals and departures data due to processing issues.

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The missing data records the actual number of arrivals and departures in Australia

The delay has been confirmed by the Department of Immigration and Border Control (DIBP), which said it is due to a new provider of passenger card processing services.

The data records the actual number of arrivals and departures and differs from data derived from other sources, such as Migration Program Outcomes, Settlement Database or Visa Grant information.

‘Travellers granted a visa in one year may not arrive until the following year, or may not travel to Australia at all. Some visas permit multiple entries to Australia, so travellers may enter Australia more than once on a visa,’ said a DIBP spokesman.

He explained that on 01 October, DIBP transitioned to a new provider of passenger card processing services. ‘As part of this transition, systems were developed to ensure data is captured from cards with a high level of accuracy. Errors in these systems have been identified which have resulted in the required levels of accuracy not being met,’ he added.

DIBP and the ABS are working closely together to manage the issues and minimise the delays to the provision of overseas arrivals and departures data to the ABS.

‘The Secretary of the DIBP has requested a report on the cause of these errors, correction of the errors including process improvements to ensure they do not occur again and assurance that required levels of accuracy will be achieved in future,’ the spokesman pointed out.

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