Record number of short term trips to and from Australia, stats show

by Ray Clancy on August 3, 2012

in Australia Travel

A record eight million short term overseas trips recorded for 2011/2012

A record number of Australian are leaving the country for up to 12 months at a time and a record number of foreigners are arriving, the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show.

They made a record eight million short term trips overseas in 2011/2012, up from 7.4 million trips in 2010/2011, and more than double the numbers from ten years ago.

The most popular destination for Australian residents going overseas on short term trips, that is a trip up to 12 months long, was New Zealand, with over 1.1 million trips across the Tasman occurring in the last financial year.

The next most popular destinations were Indonesia which saw 911,000 trips, the United States with 819,000 trips, Thailand with 600,000 trips and the UK with 487,000 trips. These top five destinations alone, accounted for just under half of all short term resident departures for the year.

The most frequently cited reason for journey was for a holiday, making up over half, 57%, of all short term resident departures. Other common reasons were visiting friends and relatives and business.

During 2011/12, Australian residents on short term trips stated their average time overseas was 14 days.

Short term visitor arrivals also reached a record level of 6 million movements in 2011/2012. Although the highest on record, this has remained relatively stable over recent years.

Up until 2006/2007 it was generally the case that there were more short term visitors arriving in Australia than short term residents departing.

However, the opposite has been true since 2007/2008, and in 2011/2012 there were 2.1 million more short term residents departing Australia than short term visitors arriving.

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