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Reasons to move to Australia - Page 2

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Old 05-07-2013, 10:13 AM
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A good idea about the subject why not to move to Australia. Would you like to do the honours?

1. Highest income tax rates in the Western world (exagerated but still very high)
Hmmm... wouldn't complain if they were lower.

2. Land costs a fortune compared to the median wage of $48000 - 400K and over for a house.
Hmmmm... you think this is expensive? It is only 8 times and it is still a house.

There are many places where it is worse. In Poland for example median salary (net after tax since you listed median net for Australia) is $8,700 per annum and average UNIT (not house but UNIT) costs around $94k. That's almost 11 times. Don't even want to do calculations for a house.

I do agree certain areas are expensive but you can try some cheaper suburbs like western suburbs in Sydney or Central Coast.

3. You can't get on a plane for 90 euros and be in Paris, Rome, Berlin etc infact going from one city to another can cost as high as $500
Makes sense if you actually want to be in Paris, Rome and Berlin. Some people prefer to go to New Zealand, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Vanuatu, Fiji or Bali.

4. There is a monotonic culture in every city, town and village. Which is depressing for cosmopolitan people.
What do you mean by monotonic culture?

5. You have to work 20 to 30 years to payoff a home loan
Interesting... my home loan is on a 2 bedroom unit and it will take me around 6 - 7 years in total to repay it (I have had it for 4 years). In the meantime I bought a new car, renovated the whole unit, started post graduate studies, travelled to Europe and China and bought a second property 1.5 year ago (investment). All of this from single income and I am married with one kid.

You will be paying it off for 20 to 30 years if you are unable to handle money. It will take a lot less if you prepare for it properly.

6. You will be working everday like a robot, you may see a kangaroo in teh first three years, after that it will be traffic lights and rat race.
Working like a robot you say... Can you tell me where I can find employees who will work like robots (quickly, accurately and without questioning)? Because the ones that work under me are certainly not like robots.

7. If you lose yourself on the roads and end up in an Aboriginal Reserve, you will most likely be murdered which is why white people don't live/go there.
Like Redfern? Been there in the dark many times and I am still alive. Although I must agree on this one as I heard many stories especially regarding NT.

8. If your from Britain or Germanic you will love how much beer you can afford
9. but If your from Southern Europe you will hate the fact there is not a single decent wine.
Not applicable, I don't drink alcohol.

10. You will be called names no matter where you come from, Brits will be called Poms, Southern Europeans will be called Wogs, Asians and other will have their respective racial terms.
Actually wogs refers these days more often to Middle Easterns rather than South Europeans (although I heard it in regards to Greeks too).

BTW - has anyone heard of Snow Wogs?

11. Food will cost so much you will be sharing a single avacado between 4 people.
I am sorry to hear that you are a victim of famine in Australia. Luckily most people are not.

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Old 05-07-2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
BTW - has anyone heard of Snow Wogs
I hadn't until right now, but apparently that's me! Scandinavians living in Australia... I think it sounds rather cute though, and probably wouldn't even pick up on the insult (if intended that way)!

Some of your comments made my day btw


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Yeah well the Avacado thing was running with louiseb's point that each one costs $4.

The rest of my points, yes I know they are not all facts, but with respect to the Editor's post they are, well almost Biblical Truth.

As for Snow Wog, I haven't heard that term. I have heard Snow Nigger for most white people.

Also Monotonic Culture means there is a Pub and a place to buy a Meat Pie in every suburb, town and village. You ask your friends what are you doing tonight? They say lets go to the Pub. Sure in the city you get trendy people that go to Night Clubs, which are pubs with loud music.

The only really different city would be Adelaide, you get to see lots of church buildings. The rest are pretty much the same.

Also the travel thing, even if you prefer Melbourne, Sydney, Fiji, Bali etc, the cost still isn't $100 or 90 euro. Traveling anywhere costs a lot of money if your departure is within Australia.

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Old 05-08-2013, 09:27 AM
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You really haven't chosen good friends. Mine usually do a lot other things than going to pub or night club.

I haven't been to Adelaide but from my point of view Canberra and Gold Coast are two completely different cities than the rest. I agree that Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is almost the same with slight differences.

Not a while ago you had flights Sydney to Melbourne around $39 each way (I believe it was Jetstar) and Sydney - Brisbane not much more than that. Auckland goes around $230 - $250 each way. Fiji is more expensive but it is understandable - distance from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Auckland or Fiji is a lot more than let's say from Paris to Rome. Except that Paris to Rome is a 2 hour flight, Sydney to Auckland almost 3.5 hours and Sydney to Fiji around 4 hours. I do agree though that from distance perspective European international flights are cheaper.

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