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Global Warming and The Ice Ages - Page 2

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Old 04-21-2010, 02:52 AM
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Thank you for sharing, very interesting! Is anybody here joining on Earth Day? I think we all should it's important and an environmental issue

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Originally Posted by Aimhigh View Post
I think with all these happening in our environment the solutions is YOU & ME. It's so alarming that Iceland volcano erupted in less than a month that causes melting ice. Sigh.... Let's all turn our lifestyle in Green.
If you check on the historical nature of volcanic activity, you might just come to the conclusion that the emissions have the capacity to obliterate the impact humans and industry are having.
Global Volcanism Program | Volcanic Activity Reports | SI / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report | is one site to start with and even before we get to Iceland, the Philippines and other Pacific Ocean rim activities have been emitting for decades - Volcanoes and Climate Change (DAAC Study) : Feature Articles and in particular
When Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines June 15, 1991, an estimated 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide and ash particles blasted more than 12 miles (20 km) high into the atmosphere. The eruption caused widespread destruction and loss of human life. Gases and solids injected into the stratosphere circled the globe for three weeks. Volcanic eruptions of this magnitude can impact global climate, reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface, lowering temperatures in the troposphere, and changing atmospheric circulation patterns. The extent to which this occurs is an ongoing debate.

[ Mount Pinatubo, June 13, 1991 (Image courtesy of NOAA)

NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) enables study of the chemistry, dynamics and energy balance in the atmosphere layers above the troposphere. UARS provides near-global (-80 degrees to +80 degrees) measurements of the atmospheres' internal structure as well as measurements of external influences acting on the upper atmosphere. These measurements are made simultaneously in a coordinated manner. The UARS dataset spans from September 18, 1991 through August 31, 1999. UARS data are available from the Goddard Space Flight Center DAAC (now named the GSFC Earth Sciences DAAC).

SAGE II, launched in October 1984, uses a technique called solar occultation to measure attenuated solar radiation and to determine the vertical distribution of stratospheric aerosols, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and water vapor around the globe. SAGE II data are available from the Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center DAAC.

Multi-Channel Sea Surface Temperature (MCSST) data are derived from measurements of emitted and reflected radiance by the five-channel Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers (AVHRR) onboard the NOAA -7, -9. -11 and -14 polar orbiting satellites. MCSST data currently extend from November 11, 1981 through June 7, 2000, and are updated as new data become available. The sea surface temperature data sets may be ordered from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory DAAC (now named the Physical Oceanography DAAC). ] all side bar.

Large-scale volcanic activity may last only a few days, but the massive outpouring of gases and ash can influence climate patterns for years. Sulfuric gases convert to sulfate aerosols, sub-micron droplets containing about 75 percent sulfuric acid. Following eruptions, these aerosol particles can linger as long as three to four years in the stratosphere.
Mind you there is good reason to be green in protecting our environment as best we can but you might well ask yourself just how bright are our politicians and how dangerous is it to allow them to run unfettered on such matters.

And Eyjafjoellmight only be a Joey in comparison to the big Red kanga Krakatoa which has its own Joey popping up out of the pouch - Krakatau Volcano, Indonesia - John Seach
Some may have heard of the history of Krakatoa and its eruption in 1883 with a massive Tsunami and ash cloud blotting the sun out in different areas for years.
So from 1883 to 1930 it would seem it was still emitting below sea level and has since created something of a reasonable size land mass.

And that raises the point of just how much under water activity is occurring, it all being something of Nature having not the last laugh but just a continual chuckle at the fickleness of human views and in particular our politicians.

Sure we are forever increasing the rate of raping the earth for its resources we can use but how many protestors are prepared to return to life as it may have been a century ago?

And our answers - just have the cheap labour countries do all the pollution associated with manufacturing in quite possibly a more uncontrolled matter and then tell them they need to cut back on emissions because it was the industrialised world that just built up CO2 levels over many decades of twentieth century, but Oh!, we'll still rip the coal out of the ground and ship it to you, along with a whole lot more.

It's progress is it? and I suppose that means more people living with industrial pollution and death though as for global warming, the life span of multiple generations is but a speck in the calendar of the planet.

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Old 01-07-2011, 05:26 AM
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i say as we evolve in our technology our environement is the one who sacrifices for all our advancement... we have to look on each one of us on how we could conserve and protect our planet earth..even how little we do it as long as we have discpiline and love for our planet we can still have something to do to change or lessen the effect of the climate change.. it never too late to act as long as we believe and love our planet earth.. i do believe in one rule in alchemy the law of equivalent exchange.. " humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something of equal value must be lost"

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That was great!

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Yes it is biggest problem mankind is facing right now.

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this is not a topic of concern for two or more people. Not only we Australian now every single human being should think to save mother nature and our earth.

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