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Mish 06-16-2014 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by img68 (Post 488554)

Thank you for your suggestions.
I had a look at TAFE courses, they are terribly expensive: are they worth it?
Are your referring to something else?

Tafe may have them but they are specific certificate 3 guarantee courses and I know that cert 3 in community works is one and another in food prep. Where are you based? If in Brisbane I can pm you the name of the one in Brisbane that offers them.

Engaus 06-16-2014 11:06 PM

I don't feel it's fair to blame your hardships on "Australians".
My partner has been here for close to two years and struggled to get a job in his field for 18months. He hasn't blamed "Australians" for this - he recognizes it's a bloody difficult market and that it's up to him to show the employer that he's better than the other 150 people who have applied. He has a typical "western" name and had an "austrslianised" resume.
If I went to India or Malaysia or anywhere else in the world I certainly wouldn't be blaming that countries people for me not being able to obtain a job!

Mish 06-17-2014 12:58 AM

The thing that everyone has to remember is that the job market is tough at the moment and everyone is having troubles getting jobs. I know of Australian citizens that have taken 6-9 montha to get jobs after completing uni.

The key is to keep going to never give up or lose hope.

The thing to also remember is not to compare yourself to someone else as each city is different. A person could apply for the same job with the same company in each capital city but only get an interview for 1 capital city. Each city is different and some jobs are harder to get than others.

Another thing for people to consider (if they haven't) is try volunteer work or look at getting any job and then keep trying for jobs in your field. I am huge believer in any job is better than no job and shows that you are sitting around waiting for the job in your field.

Another thing is think of the job you are applying for. The interviewer does not like people that are more qualified than they are so if you are going for a job in retail or takeaway food take off those degrees.

People can also consider starting their own business if you want to and doesn't require much in terms of set up costs and marketing.

Just some ideas for people.

Just remember it is hard out there and most jobs have atleast the 100 applications per job. Also there are people losing their jobs ... there is one government agency losing 3000 jobs :(.

Also if you have a degree have you gotten it recognised in Australia? They want your degree recognised in Australia. As an Accountant I would not even look at an overseas resume of their resume if their degree had not be assessed in Australia.

rhirhi 06-17-2014 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by img68 (Post 488546)
AH the warm welcoming style of the australians! :rolleyes:
Your answer is really reinforcing my bad experience on Australians.

I though this forum was a place to exchange freely opinions, that sometimes could be negative or angry or expression of frustration, since immigration and loneliness are a hard situation to bear. Immigrants are not allowed to be grumpy or angry or disappointed? Even when we feel depressed? :confused:

Let's go back to my frustration:
I am saying that I am very frustrated and angry and depressed because I am doing all my best to integrate here, with results that are less than zero. I came here with great curiosity, great respect and high expectations on Australia and Australians. I just can't find the key to be accepted by australians and the only truly friendly people are expats.

I am tired of being rejected, humiliated and left alone.

I'm sorry but if you think insulting Australians with voicing your opinion is going to get you anywhere in this situation i think you will be disappointed. Like most other nationalities, we too take offence to rude comments aimed at our country/people. You can't simple place all Australians in one basket and blame them for your problems.

It may come as a surprise to you, but it's not even easy for Australians to get a job at the moment! You are not alone. If you have been trying for an extended period of time there is clearly a reason why you are not getting a job and i do not think it's racism. Perhaps you should ask for reasons as to why you didn't receive the job in order to improve you chances.

Leaving is not your only solution but i don't really see the point of complaining and blaming the whole Australian race because you aren't getting a job. Maybe you should go to a place like Campbell Page for some career advice.

Mish 06-17-2014 10:22 AM

Img68 where are you living? I know you don't want to spend money but cert 3 in aged care would be worth it. Aged care is booming. It costs about $2500 but there are some places you can do it for free ie. The gold coast etc. Set solutions offer the course (seen them advertise on seek).

Also even though you have had someone look at your resume maybe there is something wrong with it. My husband was not getting many calls and then I changed it and he has been getting alot more interested :).

Also your resume could be too professional as in they might think you have not written it. Companies want a resume that you have written that displays what you offer not what someone else has done.

Sydney 06-20-2014 05:34 AM

People who don't mind cleaning jobs I can recommend a good company which I'm pretty sure hires everyone who applies (no resume or interview required).
Feel free to PM me and I'll give you the name.

P.S It's not my company and I don't work for the company. Just want to help.

MaXXimus2100 09-12-2014 02:32 AM

I finally landed a job after 9 months of being allowed to work in Australia, I am on a Bridging visa & I couldn't tell you how many applications I filled out before anyone would give me a shot, you name it I applied for. Had few callbacks, even fewer interviews. I came close through an agency where they took me to induction, in my work gear n all, early in the morning, almost all but expecting to work. They picked 2 out of the 5 guys sent the rest of us home.

Didn't hear from the agency until i called them back, insured me the next job would be mine & never heard from them. Luckily one of the jobs I had applied for earlier & had an interview with, which was easier to get to & closer to home called back & offered me a casual position. I know it's getting to be the busy season but am glad that company liked me enough to call me back for work.

I don't know what went wrong with that one agency but I don't like the fact that I was played around like that. I had volunteered at the Salvos prior to getting that position & it was good experience. To those still looking just don't give up, I acted like i did on many occasions & depressed because of the job situation & countless rejections but eventually it all worked out for the best. If all else fails volunteer to get your foot in the door if nobody is willing to give you a chance, at least then you'll have some type of experience working in Australia.

Just wanted to share my story.

Mish 09-12-2014 07:55 AM

Congrats :).

For help for other people.... Did you get a job in your field of experience? If yes what is that field?

Also where in Australia are you located?

Hopefully your job will lead to something more permanent :)

ozzy 10-03-2014 04:25 AM

My partner came here in July on partner visa. it was the first time I had been home in 2 years so we sort of were in 'holiday mode' before we started looking for work. I was abit worried for him finding work being new in the country in case employers werent interested in migrants. but he did a one day white card training course and applied for a labouring job the next day and was hired! although its only casual, its ongoing which has helped build up his experience so when he applies for another job at least he has an australian job on his resume. He got his P/R so maybe it was abit easier getting a job than someone on the 309.
but my advice would just be take any job you can to start off with. it may not be what your after long term, but it will get you used to australia's working lifestyle and give you some experience you could use for another job.

KarenVG 03-10-2015 05:56 PM

Just wondering if anyone has more recent experience to share on finding work in Australia?

My boyfriend (Italian) and I plan on moving to Perth in a few months, and I am wondering how easy it will be for him to find work. He's an IT Internal auditor, and will be on a bridging A visa (once the tourist visa runs out).

I am very keen to hear about other people's recent experiences.

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