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Dexter 03-31-2012 10:23 PM


you name as the first problem that a temporary visa may be cancelled anytime, so investing in these people is a high risk for the business. I am not sure but doesn't there need to be a really valid reason for a visa to just be cancelled out of the blue?
Nelly... it is really not important to an employer how difficult and likely it is to get the visa cancelled. We are not immigration office specialists and we do not intend to analyze all regulations if we can simply pick up someone with either PR or citizenship. In case of partner/spouse visa the situation is simple. If your relationship ends, your visa gets cancelled too and you are sent back home within a matter of days. In case of PR or citizen ending relationship does not matter in terms of eligiblity for employment. With student visa - when a student breaks 20 hours per week limit or 80% attendance, visa may get cancelled on spot. This is all too risky...

There is also one more factor related to temporary visas. Their holders may not necesserily plan on staying in Australia permanently. This is actually quite common for them not to and it has been my experience. It is less likely occurence for spouse visa but common for Working Holiday and Student.

From employers perspective it is really irrelevant how much time in advance visa holder needs to be notified about their cancellation. Whether it is 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, in the end you lose your employee. All funds invested in that person are wasted. You need to hire someone new, train them again, spend money on adjusting the team to them and them to the team...

I spent 2 years and 3 months on student visa in Australia and then about 3 months on temporary bridging visa. During that time nobody wanted to talk to me about permanent employment, not even part time. I got a few casual jobs, a temporary contract and this is how I had to go. After getting PR it took me a few months to get permanent full time - mainly because I wanted to go for something with nice salary.

Boboa 03-31-2012 11:34 PM

I agree with Dexter. Unfortunately if you are on temporary visa it is much harder to obtain employment. I have also seen how much companies pay recruitment agencies and I'm not surprised at all why they are cautious. The fee can range from 3 months salary to on years pay depending on "calibre" of the candidate. I find that ridiculous and an absolute ripoff. However if the company is to pay that, naturally they would want to safeguard themselves with someone who would stay.

That said it is not impossible to find a job when you are on temp visa. Register with temping agencies. Once you get your first break it is much easier to find the next job.
Switch and mix your strategy. Go for non traditional roles, example one of my friends who used to work in retail, couldn't find a job here for over 8 months. She switch to gardening worked in gardening for 3 months and now she got a temp role with MYER. She has been with them for 6 months now and they extended it for another 6 months. But she is eyeing a role in Westfield already! Obviously you need to adjust your resume.

cu59105 04-01-2012 12:09 AM

Ok so you are saying adjust your resume?? Any hints on that??
I have worked for 10 years with a large company in the US.. I loved my job and didnt plan on leaving but ... things happen... 10 years , 3 different departments jewelry, ladies clothes and cosmetics. I am use to working and having a hard time just sitting..
Any ideas on places that need volunteering anywhere???

Boboa 04-01-2012 01:13 AM

SEEK Volunteer - Bringing Volunteers and Organisations seeking them together. is a good place to start. Remember Australia is very much about networking. Volunteering is a good way to meet and "know" people. You can approach some of organizations directly - Salvation Army, Cancer Council to name a few.

Another options is to "adjust " you résumé. As discussed above, since the employment market is so heavily regulated, employers are quite careful in selecting employees. For example if you apply for a lower level job - "for time being" - downgrade that resume. No need to lie, honesty is important, just withhold some information. Example a bachelors degree holder might not be selected for a lower role. Idea is they will be overqualified and get bored quickly - i.e. employer will lose this candidate and have to look for someone else. IMHO, Australian employers prefer to train someone rather to have someone leave a job in six months. A little bit underqualfied candidate, might get better response than overqualified one. Everyone knows a person is more motivated when they learn something new on the job.

Other option is to target similar sector I worked in. Example if worked in high end jeweler store? I would give Pitt street, Sydney a stroll (or any similar street in any other capital), note down all the high-end stores from Gucci to Tiffanies and apply either in store or online . Sometimes having a chat to manager in store is a fantastic opportunity to showcase yourself. Even if there is no role, I would send my resume. Sometimes there is a need for employee but the organization doesnt start the process due to all the costs involved.
Another option would be to broaden the search area. When we work at certain job we usually have to do something which doesn't directly relate to that job. Example procurement/purchase management, supplier negotiations/customer service are all more or less related to retail industry and can be something worth applying for.

cu59105 04-01-2012 01:23 AM

Thanks!! lots to think about ..
The closest shop here is Meyers.. many departments and all in one place..and throw in food to the mix...LOL!! We could boast "one stop shopping" and you could fill up your tank on the way out...
I will look into helping out anywhere ....I am trained in customer service... 10 years of "the customer comes first" and I love helping people ..
thanks for the advice!!!!!!!!!!!!

holly 04-01-2012 01:53 AM

If I were you (and perhaps you already have done this) I would be canvassing every store near to you in person, ask to meet the manager (or return when they will be there).
if you have a local shopping centre there are usually plenty of clothing, jewelry and cosmetic shops inside them

Chat them up, dazzle them with your personality haha be available to work any shifts, anytime, and be willing to take a casual position at first (then your visa situation will have even less relevance) more hours might become available later. OR already being employed might make you more attractive to other employers.

And if you don't get any responses, go back once a month, every month. (even if you have already left your resume - if they don't have any openings they will just throw the resume out usually, you need to be lucky enough to walk in the same week that something comes up!)

Nelly87 04-01-2012 08:11 AM

Thanks so much everyone, but especially Dexter, for your answers. I guess with my background it feels unfair (I worked at a callcenter for 3 years during college back home and watched many natives come and go in a matter of weeks) but it in actuality is still very understandable.

I will literally do any work - fulltime, parttime, temporary, one month, six months, easy work, hard work, office work (copies/archiving), sales, anything... and yet I keep getting rejected every time; either because I have a 6 month limit while I'm on my Working Holiday Visa or because of other reasons... they always find a reason I suppose, and a good one, too. Like I said it just seems most unfair to me because I have first hand seen how people come and go in some sectors and I have never been like that and yet I am the one getting treated like a liability. However that is a personal and emotional argumentation, and it doesn't really count in reality I know.

Someday :( I am getting sick and tired of sitting at home though.

cu59105 04-01-2012 08:56 AM

Nelly87, I am right there with you .. pulling my hair out trying to keep busy..stressin over the visa, finding a job, missing my family back home , not many friends here.. it is hard to handle all this..
Talking about it helps and if you want to vent or talk send me a message and I will listen..

Dexter 04-02-2012 09:25 AM

Nelly, temporary work is usually available for call centres or telemarketing or other sales.

Have a look at the links below and try to apply

SEEK - Sales Consultants Job in Sydney

SEEK - Sales Call Centre Consultant Job in Sydney

SEEK - Field Sales Representative Job in Sydney

SEEK - Call Centre, Outbound Sales - $25ph + comms- Start Monday 10th April Job in Sydney

anais 04-05-2012 06:30 AM

Hi all,

I am in Australia on spouse visa. When I first got to Melbourne, I was extremly lucky and got a full time job-trainee position. I didn't care if I am overqualified for that positon and was still applying for other jobs suitable for my qualification but no answers.

I also downgraded my resume, don't think I would get that job with bachelor degree inside. It's been a great start for me, especially because english isn't my first language, so my accent got much better, so that aussies can understand me.

I would suggest that you apply for trainee position (but not the ones where you have to complete a certificate) before you get something else.

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