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  1. MarkNortham
    02-26-2014 12:56 PM - permalink
    Hi Artgirl -

    Thanks for the note, and that's fantastic news!!! Very happy for you both, and congratulations on all - best of luck and please advise if I can assist in any way going forward -


    Mark Northam

    PS - Good luck with the Medicare card - have heard of some mixed results from SC300 visa holders, but you definitely should be able to get full medicare coverage once you lodge your onshore 820/801 partner visa application.
  2. artgirl
    02-26-2014 12:29 AM - permalink
    Happy New Year Mark! We wanted to just again, Thank YOU Mark, for all Your assistance while we were processed for our PMV. It was Granted Dec. 11th while I went to NZ to renew my ETA. Done the day after I flew out of AU!
    I just received my Tax File #, another step. And I am building My Coaching biz here in AU & Online. Life begins here! :O
    Our Wedding is May 17th. And our deadline for 820 application is September 2014. I am just applying for my medibank blue card using my acknowledgement letter for my PMV.
    Wishing You well,
    Art Girl
  3. MarkNortham
    09-11-2013 01:25 PM - permalink
    Hi Artgirl -

    My view is that the language you mention would refer to one-way travel (as in, a permanent move to Australia to get married) or unreversable decisions (ie, sell your house in your home country). Visitor visa for temporary purposes shouldn't be affected and it's perfectly normal to want to be with your partner while the visa is being processed.


    Mark Northam
  4. artgirl
    09-11-2013 07:15 AM - permalink
    Hi Mark, in preparing to leave on ETA to visit my fiancÚ I am printing the ETA Letter as well as my PMV Acknowledgement Letter, just in case I may need it for proof of Fiance sponsor relationship One question - I noticed in the PMV Acknowledment letter states: "Applicants are advised not to make commitments for travel to Australia or to dispose of property until advice is received in writing that the application for a visa has been approved"-
    so I know you've said ETA visits and I have an ETA granted and plan to leave soon, what is your input about that line above means? especially the 'make no travel commitments to Australia? I will of course be calling My AU Embassy where My PMV is processing to tell them I have an ETA & PLAN to visit my fiancÚ I will be sending a 1022 for change of circumstance/address for next 3 months & confirm they have my email communicating..I will give flight info once
    I have it anything else I need to know?
    Thank You Mark!
  5. artgirl
    08-05-2013 01:42 AM - permalink
    Hi Mark, I jsaw this on Can. AU Embassy section ETA:
    "If you are granted an ETA, any other visa that you hold could be affected" Initially I planned end of August visit on ETA waiting PMV will I damage our PMV in sight of line above? Or not visit at all. If within 1st 3 mos. visit,we are not granted we wish more time together as I re-enter from NZ - we've been apart 16 mos. arranging PMV doc's. Also at end of a 1st 3 mos.ETA it would end Nov. & x-mas new years coming. We wish to be together for that as well. Additionally ,f we lodged offshore early May & had CO requests for a couple missing doc's bringing us to end of June that all required docs were submitted does this mean our timeline begins end of june for processing? or early May as when receivedl? Not knowing affect calculating ETA.Wait another 1/1/2 mos before visiting to ensure grant time occurs inside 1st ETA? Or not go at all considering the line above I found.
    Thank You Mark
  6. artgirl
    08-05-2013 12:11 AM - permalink
    Hi Mark,
    I hope this finds You well. My fiancé have a PMV pending & are now planning an ETA 3 month visit during which our Grant may not be fully processed or given by the end of the first 3 mos. So my fiancé's NZ family have invited me to visit with them in NZ for a week or so before returning to OZ to visit more with my fiancé on a second use of my ETA.
    do I book a flexible open return ticket to my home country or stay with a straight return tix when I enter OZ for my first time visiting fiancé o ETA? open tix would raise suspicion I imagine. I ask because we are not sure how to explain to OZ border already knowing we want more ETA a second time together awaiting PMV with a planned hop to NZ? do I need to renew ETA fin NZ? I know I need a return flight to OZ when entering NZ. I'm just not sure what to say upon first entry if I tell them we plan a second ETA time segment or not? We have at 4 mos left of PMV to process
    Thank You so much Mark.
  7. MarkNortham
    07-21-2013 11:15 AM - permalink
    Hi Artgirl -

    I don't have enough details of your situation to give you specific advice, but from the info you've sent, the ETA and re-entry pathway may be your best option. Most ETA's are given for a 12-month period, with 3-month maximum period per stay - you can then depart Australia for anywhere else and come back in a couple of days if you'd like.


    Mark Northam
  8. artgirl
    07-21-2013 06:20 AM - permalink
    Hi Mr. Northam
    Awaiting PMV lodged Canada, together in OZ
    Visiting OZ from Canada I have 2 options:
    ETA for 3 mos---or can we get a 6mos ETA ? since we await PMV? or is it only 3? Plus what is the Re-Entry wait period time for another ETA ? to be together until PMV grant time comes
    I wonder if we do a subclass 600 visitor visa do our PMV doc's and sponsorship waive the requirements of Subclass 600? also if we ask for a 6-12 do we get it with DIAC knowing we await PMV? Subclass requirements and Bond seem extreme for a sponsored visit since we already proven so much and that he takes financial responsibility for me as his sponsored fiancé? Are we better off sticking with ETA and re-entry? Our simple desire is just to be together as much as possible until PMV Grant
    Thank You so kindl
  9. MarkNortham
    07-18-2013 02:11 PM - permalink
    Hi Artgirl -

    Applying for a visitor visa while a PMV application is processing is quite normal and these are often granted - the type of visa depends on the country you're from (see DIAC website for more on this). You can fill in a 1022 to advise of your address and contact info while you're in Australia, as you would need to be outside Australia when your PMV is ready to be granted - typically the case officer would be aware of this and give you some notice (2 weeks usually, but not always) when the visa is ready to grant so you can depart Australia for the grant.

    Hope this helps -


    Mark Northam
  10. artgirl
    07-17-2013 08:02 AM - permalink
    Hi Mr. Northam,
    We have a PMV sent in approx. 2 mos ago. We wish to visit to await the rest of the Process time together at his home in OZ. as we miss each other. DO we need to fill a 1022? If so what do we say? .What visitor visa is best for our situation? Is it not advisable to visit? and just wait? Thank You so much Mark.

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