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KMCM 03-25-2012 09:20 PM

Moving to Australia from US
Greetings to All

I am currently a 43 year old US citizen who is fortunate enough to be semi retired and is seriously considering an emigration move to AUS (likely Melbourne or Sydney). I have a professional background in Finance / Banking (Goldman Sachs for 12yrs) and an also an engineering degree / aerospace experience. After a recent seperation, and living in New York, Washington DC, San Diego and now Florida - I have always had a strong draw to AUS. Having lived in Hong Kong for bit, always developed very strong appreciation for Australia, the great friends from there and the beauty of the country. Looked at Hawaii, but cost of living is unbelievable there.

Questions for the group

> How best to determine most appropriate Visa to pursue (I guess professional vs. retired (if I am that lucky)
> For those of you from the States - what is the real cost of living compare to say a San Diego?
> If need to pursue, how robust is current Finance / Banking markets or aerospace?
> Melbourne vs. Sydney - done the web compares, but curious on the real scoop on character differences, etc..

Any other thoughts or input would be appreciated!!! Quite aware of the city rankings of both these cities, which is just another motivation. Vancouver is too cold (I am a beach guy), and Europe is a mess.

Thanks and glad to be a part of this community!!


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