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MrsSpud 07-22-2016 07:13 AM

Hi. New user from the UK
Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum for a while as we've been thinking about moving to Australia and I've found what I've read so far really useful so thank you.

My husband and I met at uni and have been together for 11 years, married for 7 of them. We have two beautiful children, a son aged 3 and a daughter aged 1 and a scatty springer spaniel who is 6. I am a Primary School teacher and have worked in Early Years too. I love reading, all things music and playing the piano. My husband is a Health Promotion Officer and mad keen on all sports (he played American football for a bit before our son was born). We love the great outdoors, camping and riding our bikes.

My husband went travelling around Australia 16 years ago and has family living over in Brisbane. I have never been to Australia but have always loved what I have heard, read or seen about it. I know a lot of people who have been to Australia and they've had nothing but good things to say so I'm falling in love with your country even more.

After talking on/off for several years about moving to Australia, we have finally decided that we want to live there. My husband thinks I will love it and I trust him enough to move there without visiting first. I lived in Texas, USA for a while when I was little and loved it there and I hear Australia is so much better!

We are at the very beginning of the moving to Australia process and am just looking for advice. I have done no end of research and am so excited my husband is struggling to keep me grounded haha! I read about using a MARA expert to help us through the process however they seem so expensive so we're wondering if we have to use one. Any advice would be much appreciated, recommendations etc would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone xx

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