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Why Australia - Page 2

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Old 04-29-2010, 11:30 AM
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What about the box jellyfish. There was an 10 year old Australian girl who recently survived, although she has scars on her legs, she is doing pretty well. I prefer swimming pools anyway.

And what about the crocs. One even got in a swimming pool right before some women were about to start their Aqua Gym class. Of course, the croc was eventually taken out and the women just jumped in pool ready for their class.

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Old 04-30-2010, 04:49 AM
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Originally Posted by pandora View Post
What about the box jellyfish. There was an 10 year old Australian girl who recently survived, although she has scars on her legs, she is doing pretty well. I prefer swimming pools anyway.

And what about the crocs. One even got in a swimming pool right before some women were about to start their Aqua Gym class. Of course, the croc was eventually taken out and the women just jumped in pool ready for their class.
Yes, there're lots of other bitey things about and I hadn't mentioned the Crocs and Jellies for they are even something more of a rareity for most people but sometimes, there are the odd and stupid events.
. A guy in Cairns was once out for a walk near a mangroves/creek environment [ croc habitat ] and a croc grabbed hold of his Mastiff breed [ extra large if you do not know of them ] dog and so the guy got into kicking the croc [ he had some sturdy boots on ] not once that the dog got free but a second time as well to free him.
His dog ended up with 80 odd stitches but survived.
. A grandmother and her family were out camping, not real close to a waterway and in a recognised if not frequently used camping area not signposted re crocs and she was attacked while in her swag and a son had a gun there to fortunately interrupt.

And then you downright stupid tragic events like a group on a guided tour, perhaps a few having had too many drinks around a campfire and a girl decides to go into a signposted muddy waterway for a midnight dip - guten nacht forever fraulein!

What is not too commonly known is that whilst Crocs are territorial, that in itself will lead to them being big travellers as the younger ones seek their territory and before settlement, they were down to within a few hundred kilometres of Brisbane before being shot out but they have started heading further south again seeing as they're protected.
They've been found well out to sea and also well inland, a guy I bumped into once at Kunnunurra in WA NW claiming waterholes inland where he had been working on a cattle station had heaps.

Box Jellies are a seasonal problem, at least for further south and the girl was lucky for their stings are usually fatal.
Think I recall that report and she may have been an aboriginal girl and perhaps having a dip in nice crystal clear waters is commonplace for them as they probably decide when it is safe depending on tides/wind/weather etc. and that is something which can determine whether you'll have a problem further south [ still north of Brisbane ], even in the stinger season as it is referred to.

You'll often get other types of jellyfish about, the smaller blue bottles also causing a bit of a sting but not fatal and more of a burning sensation and then there're the Irukandji which are quite tiny and so hard to detect, small enough not to be kept out by netting and life savers at some beaches will in particular weather do checks with scoop nets.

And yep crocs in pools, even netted beach zones has occurred [ if only ever reported once! ] and my niece found a snake was in her swimming pool once.

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Old 05-02-2010, 07:27 PM
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I have just returnec from my first visit to Australia,,, I fell in love with a wonderful man there and in love with the country. I am from Canada and in many ways our countries are similar...but yet so different. I felt an immediate sense of peace and just knew this is where I want to be. My fiance lives in one of the suburbs out side of Brisbane and the people there are so friendly and wonderful ... I can hardly wait for my daughter and I to be there and I am looking forward to the day we both become Australian citiznes. What is there NOT to love about Australia!!!!!

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Old 05-04-2010, 08:38 PM
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Some might have already read my post. I'm American, but grew up in Hawai'i which is also part of the United States, but has a sightly different culture. We're a lot more laid back. I've found that Australians are even more laid back than Hawaiians. I'm make a very good living in Hawaii, but the price of housing is way too high to ever think of purchasing my own home. Not sure if you all know American dollars, but a half a million is the average cost of a home in Hawaii. Australia is also like Hawaii in other ways; beaches, diversity, environment, etc.

Well, those are some reasons, but the biggest reason is the people. They are a lot friendlier than people from Hawaii and we are some very friendly people! I also meet the most incredible girl ever and she's from Australia. The thing is, it's not just her that is great, most of it is from her upbringing which she shares with practically everyone in the country. Her entire outlook on life.

Well. I'm not there yet. I plan on visiting a few times first and see how things go.

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Old 05-06-2010, 06:44 PM
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Hi all,

I've got extended family is Sydney and has visited there many times during my childhood. I've always loved the weather, environment and the beaches!

Since meeting my Australian boyfriend 2+ years ago, I've wanted to make the move down under permanent. So fingers crossed that our Defacto visa comes through! In that case I'll be moving to Perth in June 2011.

I'm Danish, and while we have a high living standard here, I find the taxes and weather ridiculous! Australia has always seemed much more 'accessible' in terms of having a nice life and enjoying basic things like nature and good food!

See you all in 1 year


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Old 05-07-2010, 03:03 AM
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Though Australians [ and others ] have often regarded Australia as the lucky country, blessed with the beaches, blues skies and open space etc., there are downsides that seemingly get worse with passing years, so just a couple of major ones for people to be aware of so as they do not get too large a shock.
. Real estate prices are pretty high in most capital cities and home ownership is diminishing, Australia having in past having a high % comparative to other countries.
Adelaide, Hobart and to some extent Brisbane remain the most affordable capital cities and regional cities would be good to consider.

Reasons behind this are several and not just expanding population but perhaps also:
. inclination of people to want to live in major cities .
. taxation/investment laws which can drive demand/prices up
. governments have emphsised over years importance of higher level education and that to some extent the detriment of trades training and that can increase demand and labour rates, hence costs.

. Water supplies and Australia is hopefully emerging from what has been a lengthy drought period for many regions, the populous east coast of normally regular rainfall not excluded and hence quite a few desalination plants constructed/in construction.
They are heavy users of power and with coal fired power stations not being high in popularity unless you're in China, both water and electricity costs have risen dramatically in recent years for many consumers and that trend is likely to continue.

. On fresh food, potential is there when you have water and without it, well the prices of that goes up too - good for dieting!
And we have a government with a policy of buying back farmers irrigation water rights which ageing farmers see as a good way of funding retirement!

Just who produces or where/what we produce in the future is something that governments really need to be planning more for in addition to more diversified harvesting of water.

It is interesting to note a latest Greens policy of a high speed rail system between Melbourne to Sydney and perhap on to Brisbane and the scar on the landscape that will cause, when any talk of new dams meets stiff opposition.

So politics aside or not, Australia gets less lucky in many respects but I suppose still somewhat better than a lot of countries and far far better than many.

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Old 05-19-2010, 03:17 AM
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Talking ausralia,my dreaming place

Ausralia,my dreaming place. Not only like the environment there,but aslo like australians.
I own a online store ( wholesaler6ruby ) on DHgate ,and have some australia customers and friends. They are very kind and easy-going.Hope to make friends with more australians.

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Old 10-07-2011, 06:55 AM
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Sexy Cute men!

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Old 10-09-2011, 05:30 AM
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Talking Hope for a better lifestyle!

Well, there's many reason why we want to move to Aus.
Me and my wife are seeing Aus as the best country to rise our children.
We're finding that social enviroment tends to integration in Australia, rather than in Argentina, where our society is getting intolerant day-by-day (not only with inmigrants, but with argentinians itself).
We'd like to raise our children in a society where people from different cultures respects each other, and, in addition, there's a more egalitarian redistrbution of incomes.
On my side, as I'm a professional social worker, I'd like to know how welfare politics work in Australia, as (as well as in other countries like Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, etc.) many of australian public services are better than private.
Not to tell that's a beautifull country with many places to know.
Well, we'll keep on pursuing our dream....
We want to move to Australia in the next 2/3 years.
Right now it's time to prepare....

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Old 09-11-2012, 11:22 PM
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I want my children to discover another country, open minded and multi cultural.

For that, Australia is perfect and I hope to be granted my visa to go to Adelaide (yes I am French, so wines are important !).


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