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Croger1 03-02-2014 09:07 AM

Advice seeker - police check
Hi there,
I hope I can get further advice on a few questions of mine. So far I have found a lot of helpful information but I need to clarify some things to be sure to take the right steps.
I am living with my Australian partner in New Zealand and we would like to apply for the defacto visa in about six month time after living together for a bit more than 12 month. We are trying to figure out what the best way would be for us - applying in NZ or from AUS.
Option 1: applying in NZ and wait for a decision. The NZ Visa Application center told me that the processing time would be 12 months (I hoped/hope it would/will be less). Questions here: Does any one know how long it takes to receive the Australian police check when overseas? I had a look at the 100 points ID checklist for the police certificate and I am not sure if I would have to provide evidence with a residential address or should my passport and birth certificate be enough? Or do I need evidence of both sections and if so does it has to show a residential address in AUS, eg bank statement or do I need to provide evidence of my residential address in NZ?
We would visit Australia before applying in NZ. Could I request the police check while I am there? That might be quicker and if I wouldn't receive it before going back to NZ my partners mum could send it to me because I could name her address as my residential address. Would that work if I change the address on my bank statement or would I need to do something else?

Option 2: Apply in AUS while on a visitor visa. I am from a low risk country, so I assume I wouldn't get a 'no further stay' condition. As I would apply during my first three month I hope I don't need to worry about immigration at the airport. I know that the visitor visa is not to be obtained to receive another type of visa, but according to posts in this forum it works and, besides wanting to apply for the defacto, I would fulfill the visitor visa purpose too - visiting my partners family and friends of mine. :)

The question here again refers to the residential address - might be stupid, but I just want to be certain :) : As being on a visitor visa would I have to name my residential address from back home (parents address) or is it really okay to give my partners address as they would know that I only have a visitor visa. I assume I would have to name my partners address. Would I need evidence like letterheads or a bank statement (I still have a bank account in AUS) showing that address and concerning the police checks residential address evidence I have the same question as at option 1.
Sorry for the long post, but we really want to avoid obstacles and need clarification from you guys :) Being in NZ is good, but if we have to wait probably as long as in AUS for a decision than we would prefer to apply in AUS where we could finally settle down and start creating our future earlier, earn more money AND being close to family :)

Every response will be much appreciated!!!

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