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  1. Visas and immigration
    Anyone applying for the subclass 476 visa during the pandemic?
  2. Jobs and work
    Hi, I'm thinking of applying for a skilled-graduate visa (subclass 476) and I would like to know what is the situation with the Oil and Gas companies nowdays Do they hire foreign graduates easily ? Is it easy to find a job in the engineering industry generally - and petroleum industry...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Hi Everyone! I have been granted the Skilled - Recognized Graduate Visa subclass (476) and as per the initial entry date , I have to enter Australia before 30th September, 2020. However, I doubt international air travel is going to open in Australia or Saudi Arabia before that due to COVID-19...
  4. Visas and immigration
    Its been more than 7 months I have applied for Subclass 476 from Nepal through online immi account and my application status is still received. When I applied for the visa the processing time was 5 months to 6 months and now the processing time keeps on increasing. Is there any way to contact...
  5. Visas and immigration
    hi everyone, i have applied for temporary skilled base visa 476.I have applied from Pakistan and my all documents are original and my university is under Washington accord. Processing time for this visa is 7-8 months and it's been 7 and a half month when i applied. But still the status on immi...
  6. Visas and immigration
    Hello, i have applied for the visa 476 on 2nd August 2018 and still waiting for a reply.I heard some gossips going around about the applicant's country effect on the grant of visa,if that's the case how much will it cause if the applicant is from south asian country i.e Pakistan?
  7. Visas and immigration
    Hello everyone, I have lodged my application for the skilled-recognized graduate visa 476 on 23 feb 2018. it is has been 28 days and my application status is still received and I haven't been contacted by CO. I have few questions : 1- On average how long does it take to be contacted by a CO ? I...
  8. Visas and immigration
    Hi everyone! I'm currently in the process of applying for the Skilled Recognized Graduate visa (subclass 476) through the online application system. I have uploaded the documents recommended by the application system. However, Form 47a (Details of child or other dependent family member aged 18...
  9. Visas and immigration
    According Home Affairs website,"If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America or the Republic of Ireland or you hold a valid passport from one of those countries, you are considered to meet the English language requirement for this visa. Otherwise...
  10. Immigration Timelines
    20/11/2017 Lodged application . 23/11/2017 Scanned all documents and uploaded and started Waiting
  11. Visas and immigration
    Do you need to have organized some sort of health insurance at the time of lodging the application. When I went to the page to upload documents, there was an upload link for proof of health insurance. Please Help.:)
1-11 of 11 Results