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  1. Visas and immigration
    Hi everyone! I am interested in applying for a skilled regional working visa 489 (invited by a relative pathway). However, I want to know if I stand a chance in getting a positive assesment from VETASSESS for ANZSCO Code: 221214 Internal Auditor. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in...
  2. Visas and immigration
    Hi, I am planning to apply for South Australia Skilled Migration Program (Community Worker, ANZSCO code: 411711, Visa Subclass: 489) through a local agent. Now my agent is asking me for a fees amount of AUD 700 which he is going to pay as "EOI & State sponsorship fees" on behalf of me but i...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Hello guys, I'm soon going to be applying for Vetassess under 141311 (hotel Manager). But I'm extremely confused what employment proofs I need to submit. Cause I read many people under this got negative outcome because they didn't meet minimum nominated work requirements. Please help.:confused:
  4. Visas and immigration
    Hello, I would like to seek your advise on the below and would really appreciate your feedback. I applied under the nominated occupation of Program or Project Administrator (ANZSCO Code: 511112) and have launched the EOI today on Nov 7, 2017. Now what happens from here? - Does it go the the...
  5. Visas and immigration
    Hello ! I applied for EOI State Sponsorship 489 Southern Inland and have received a mail from the Department for INVITATION for FULL APPLICATION, does this mean, that my EOI has been approved, or does this mean that my EOI Application has entered the pool and still needs to be selected. And...
  6. Visas and immigration
    Hi All. I'm pretty sure I've got all the information correct as I've poured through the immi website and read up on everything, but maybe there's something alluding me that somebody on here may know. My girlfriend & I are currently on our first year working holiday. We couldn't get the second...
  7. Visas and immigration
    Hi, I posted an EOI for a family sponsorship visa 489 where i entered the postal code for my cousin in south australia , then i received an invitation and i'm now in the process of applying the visa. the problem is that the cousin i used his postal address in the EOI can't sponsor me , but...
1-7 of 7 Results