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  1. Business and investment
    Abuzz Couriers Pty Ltd - Business For Sale Queensland Make an Enquiry M: 0417 772 811 F: 07 4958 2440
  2. Business and investment
    Finding a business to buy You can find out more about the problems, pitfalls and opportunities of buying a business on the Business Link website ( > Buying a business > Going into business > Buy an existing business), South Australia Small Business Administration website...
  3. Business and investment
    I am a novice in the café field. Is it possible for some one among our worthy viewers/users to enlighten me on the ways and means to initiate the process. For example what is the first step? How much investment is needed. Can I do the business on my own or...
  4. Business and investment
    As with any major decision or important milestone in a person's life, the decision to buy or sell a business can't be made overnight, and the entire process won't happen in a couple of weeks. You need to examine your life and determine the amount of time you can devote to your effort and whether...
  5. Business and investment
    Well established Air-conditioning Company for sale in BYRON BAY After 15 successful years the owner of this refrigeration and air conditioning business is ready for a rest and retirement. This business has been built from the ground up, providing exceptional service to the greater northern NSW...
  6. General chit-chat and news
    For Domino's Pizza successfully compete in Australia where the marketplace is already crowded with individual pizza restaurants and takeaway shops, it had to modify its business model. In North America customers tend to eat fast food in restaurant-style outlets, while Australians usually...
  7. Housing
    this will definitely help those who want to sell your house privately. Hope to see one very soon. thanks for the info
  8. Business and investment
    I am selling a business that includes stock for just under $AU2000. It's certainly been very good to me and I'm willing to sell only to someone who is willing to learn the ropes and work hard. This business can be run from Australia, or can be run from some other countries to build up prior to...
1-8 of 10 Results