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  1. Business and investment
    Finding a business to buy You can find out more about the problems, pitfalls and opportunities of buying a business on the Business Link website ( > Buying a business > Going into business > Buy an existing business), South Australia Small Business Administration website...
  2. Business and investment
    I am a novice in the café field. Is it possible for some one among our worthy viewers/users to enlighten me on the ways and means to initiate the process. For example what is the first step? How much investment is needed. Can I do the business on my own or...
  3. Business and investment
    As with any major decision or important milestone in a person's life, the decision to buy or sell a business can't be made overnight, and the entire process won't happen in a couple of weeks. You need to examine your life and determine the amount of time you can devote to your effort and whether...
1-3 of 3 Results