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  1. Travel questions
    Hi everybody! I need your help please. I am landing to Darwin in September. I'm wondering if it will be easy to buy a car with WA plate number in Darwin in sept and then sell it in Perth in december / january ? I've tried to look for cars for sell on Grumtree and Facebook groups but it seems...
  2. Travel questions
    Hi guys! I've recently landed in Perth and I'm planning to buy a car but thing is I've got a bit of a trouble finding a car insurance... I don't know where to turn since there is so many insurers and I suppose most of them are not really backpackers-friendly... So I would have liked to know...
  3. General chit-chat and news
    Hi All, It has been suggested that we take my wifes car with us when we migrate. Her car is only 3 years old, with low mileage and is in almost immaculate condition. Has anybody transported (or considered transporting) their car with all their furniture and worldly goods? I suppose the...
  4. Travel questions
    Hi going back overseas and must sell our car. Great reliable 4WD (Jeep Cherokee). SPECIAL for backpacker incl. 2 burner BBQ incl. gas bottle and case of beer for an aussie start in downunder. $3,999 O.N.O Please contact me for furtehr Information. Cheers
  5. General chit-chat and news
    I want to purchase a cheap car to get around Canberra during the year I'll be working there. Any ideas on the best way to find out what's available?
  6. Travel questions
    Me and my family will arrive in Adelaide from the UK to start our new life there on the 17/08/2011, we have rented a large car to transport us and all our case's to Victor harbour for two days where we will stay for four weeks to get our feet on the ground, After that four week's we'll be...
  7. Jobs and work
    Hey there, my name is Tom. I am a 24 year old german. I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a automotive mechatronics engineer with a degree (4 years). In the garage I worked for I learnt on Opel (Holden) and Saab. At the end (last year) I was solely responsible for Saab. During my...
  8. Non-commercial ads
    1996 4WD MAZDA Bongo SGL FRIENDEE, auto pop top roof. Price : $ 17,000 ONO Kilometers: 107,000 Colour: white Transmission: 4 speed automatic Body: 4 door, 5 to 8 seat Van Wagon Drive Type: 4WD Reg Plate: XDL 945 Reg Expiry: 21 7 2010 Engine: Diesel Turbo 2.5L Engine Number: WL250713...
1-8 of 8 Results