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  1. Jobs and work
    Music is my passion and love! I'm already working as a DJ in India. Mostly i'll be doing private gigs like Wedding Receptions, College Parties, Any kind of Events etc etc. So are there any kind of jobs in the field of Music in Australia? Jobs like DJ working for a sound rental company based in...
  2. Non-commercial ads
    Do you need a website? We create it for you... call +94 71 966 71 71 skype -cw.momenta
  3. Business and investment
    Hiya, I have a few questions about shares in a Pty. Ltd. company. Please don't assume any prior knowledge on my behalf as there is none. Can I choose to price my shares at $0.00? Why would I do that (beyond the obvious of it not costing me anything)? Can I state a share price, say $1...
1-3 of 4 Results