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  1. Non-commercial ads
    Turn your 5-Day Workweek into a 5-Day Weekend!!! Join Nik Halik on his '5-Day Weekend: 2-Days Live Conference' at Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia! Visit the website to learn more about the event at www(dot)5dayweekend(dot)com(dot)au
  2. General chit-chat and news
    Hello, everyone!!! Greeting from Moscow, Russia! Ok, guys, I really need your help. Very soon my sister( born 12 june- 32 years old) and my niece (born 13 june - 10 years old) will be having birthdays! At the end of last year all of our family suffered a big loss and it will be their first...
  3. Issues and current events
    I have a few web sites that I check out to see what is on. I thought it would be good to share them with you: 1- : search by your city name and see the list of concerts, events etc that are on in your area. 2- What's on? This includes the most important and up-to-date list of...
1-3 of 3 Results