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  1. Jobs and work
    Hello Farm Workers & Backpackers Do you have a bad farm work experience to share with us? Are you treated unfairly in pay and farm work related matters? We are looking for someone to share their stories with us, help us be a voice in a documentary ad to raise awareness in our farming...
  2. Jobs and work
    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and I have no experience with a forum so I hope I'm doing everything right. I'm from Germany and I'm studying Agricultural Biology. I'm looking for an Internship in Australia to get credits for my University. I've been looking for Farms offering Internships like...
  3. Jobs and work
    Hi, I'm looking for a farm job. I have already looked at all website about harvest work, fruit picking and others. Is there anyone that can give me a farmer phone number or mail? Or is there anyone that will moving to a farm in the next two weeks? Thank you so much.
1-3 of 3 Results