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  1. Visas and immigration
    Hello, Approximately how much bank balance do we need to show as a proof for financial stability when applying for a family sponsored temporary visa? I did a research on the amount for state sponsored visa and found it to be around AUD 25K. Is it same for the family sponsored visa (489 subclass)?
  2. Visas and immigration
    I'm sorry because I am sure that this has been asked a million times, but all I can find are older posts about this and the criteria might have changed. I will be applying for either a 6 month or 12 month 676 Visa shortly and I am wondering how much is deemed adequate for finances? I am retired...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Dear forum I have been spending a few hours on this forum gathering information regarding how to lodge a proper application and kudos to this forum and all the helpful people on here! I have already come a long way in getting my questions answered, but there are still some loose ends though...
1-3 of 3 Results