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  1. Visas and immigration
    Hi Everyone- My wife and I have lived in the US for the last nine years and will be relocating to Australia in November of this year. My wife is an Australian citizen and I'll be arriving in Australia on an ETA visa and applying for an 820/801 shortly after arrival. My question is around...
  2. Visas and immigration
    I have never joined a forum before, but I need some advice, I am stressing out. My partner and I are starting to get some bits together to apply for my partner visa to Australia. It seems pretty straight forward; but I am worried we don’t have enough hard core evidence. We went into an...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Hi all, Apologies if this question has been asked elsewhere, I did try to search and read through some of the stickies but wasn't able to find a clear answer! I'm an Australian Citizen who has been living in Singapore since I was 7. My husband is Filipino and we have been married for two...
1-3 of 3 Results