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  1. Housing
    Good day to all, I am planning to move to South Australia (Adelaide) sometime within a year with my partner. I have already visited Adelaide and Sydney in Oct-Nov 2016 just to get a feel of the life there and also to do my first landing after getting my PR. I have a skilled nominated (SA)...
  2. New member introductions
    Dear All, I was looking for any and all kind of information I could find about Australia and this forum seemed to have all the answers.:) Which is why I'm excited to be here. A little bit about myself -- I'm an Indian, basically born and brought up in Mumbai. Like any big city Mumbai has...
  3. Travel questions
    Good afternoon all, My name is Grant and I currently reside in the United Kingdom with my fiancee. After a very cold, wet and miserable day we both decided that we cannot tolerate it any longer and have decided to travel the world and our first point of call is going to be Australia. Whilst...
1-3 of 3 Results