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  1. Visas and immigration
    Hi! Im a 20 year old girl who is currently confused about how to get to australia. My mom married my stepdad (australian citizen) 3 years ago, she and my brother have lodged their Permanent Residence Visa (partner visa i suppose?) and are currently waiting and on bridging visa in Australia. I...
  2. Visas and immigration
    Hello, I'm a Aussie citizen currently living in Japan with my Japanese Husband. We are trying to get our paperwork ready for a offshore Partner (Subclass 309/100) visa and i have a few questions. 1: Japan is a cash-based society. So even after 4 years in Japan together we don't have much to...
  3. Visas and immigration
    I am currently in Year 12 in an Australian High School. I've lived in Australia under the 457 visa from my father, which covers the family, for more than 3 years now. I have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend fror 22 months. Assuming that we are still in a de facto relationship...
1-3 of 3 Results