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  1. Education
    I'm currently in year 11 and is on track to finishing my cert 2 and have already completed the cert 1 in business/workplace skills. Is there any way of doing the cert 3 without having to take days off school? If so, are there any costs involved? Would it be possible to do this year or is the...
  2. Jobs and work
    Are you a high school degree holder and you are looking for a high paying job? No problem. We’ve got the list of jobs that offers biggest paychecks with just a high school degree. All of the jobs we’ve collected here take home over $55,000, well above the national average wage index of around...
  3. Education
    The Website "Uniform Map" has developed Australia Uniform Map. Now they had already collected 200 Australia High School Uniforms. Click the flag on the map, you may see the uniform picture of the high school which located at. You may also check the schools which Uniform...
  4. Education
    Hi, my wife is going to do here postdoc in Melbourne. We are planning to go there the whole family and wonder if anyone knows if there is a possibility to join school. Our kids (6,12,14) for just January to end of April (tree months?). Private ore public school?
  5. Education
    High performing school teachers in Australia are set to get a boost with widespread support for giving them bonus payments to reward hard work. The Business Council of Australia has backed the federal government's proposal to introduce a national system of bonus payments to reward high...
1-5 of 5 Results