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  1. Housing
    Hi everyone. I have been living a share house for 2 years. I noticed just now that the landlord has not paid tax for their business. Is there anything I can report them? I have all of my receipt during the renting. Thank you for help!
  2. Housing
    Hi all, I live in Brisbane with family. Brisbane is too hot and not much to do for our lifestyle. I am considering moving to Melbourne and I really appreciate if you can help me with finding the best place in Melbourne to live / buy a house. Please tell me what are the top 3 suburbs that tick...
  3. Travel questions
    Hey! Me and 2 of my friends are heading out to OZ in October on a work and travel visa. We are starting off in Sydney and hoping to spend up to 2-3 months working there before we move on to the next place. We are wanting accommodation that is a bit more permanent than staying in a hostel...
  4. Housing
    How would I rent a house in Brisbane if I am a US Citizen?
  5. Housing
    Hi, last month I finally bought a house, an old one... too old I think but it was the cheapest the real estate proposed to us. Now I live with my wife, my daughter and with a lot of dust everywhere... Everyday, we use the vacuum twice a day but my son can't stop snozing. We can't move out again...
  6. New member introductions
    hi All, My name is Rishab and I am moving to Adelaide from New Delhi, India in Mid Jan next year. I am 39, working in Learning and Development (training) for last 12 years and have worked in hotels prior to that. Any help and suggestions on getting a house for my initial stay will be...
  7. Housing
    Hi all, I have a few questions about obtaining rent on a house/flat in Brisbane. What is the average price of both houses and flats (I would assume I'd need a 2 bedroom place, but 1 bedroom is also okay, and preferably furnished)? Also, what suburbs are more family-friendly, and which suburbs...
  8. Housing
    Hi, I'm a 22yo Lebanese going to Adelaide for a 3 months visit next June. I was wondering what documents will I be needing. I heard that it's difficult to find a place to stay especially if I had to deal with agents. But wouldn't it be okay if I provide documents like my passport, credit card...
  9. Housing
    Hi there, Here is our issue - We have our visas stamped on our passport and we are ready to relocate to NSW. Herein is the issue - our 'intended' destination is Perth on the immigration forms. But since, I have family in NSW, we thought of wanting to be closer to them as they getting older...
  10. Housing
    Hey, Me and a friend are coming to Cairns in September for a few months and want to rent a nice apartment (pool, balcony's, etc) Anyone know what the best way to go about this is? Thanks
  11. Visas and immigration
    Hello all. Ok heres a quick bit about me. I have a U.S. BA in elementary education Will have my U.S. MA in special needs education by this may (4 months) I am already registered with QLD college of teachers. I plan on receiving a medical checkout (not needed for me) but I may work with...
1-12 of 15 Results