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  1. Visas and immigration
    Hi Everyone- I am in a terrible situation and wanted to seek some help from the experts. I am an Indian Citizen , and I am visiting US on a business trip. Unfortunately I lost my passport here. I do have the approved police report and I have already applied for a new passport in US. I received...
  2. Visas and immigration
    Hey all, I'm kinda new here so this is gonna be my 1st thread The 187 Visa has a requirement for 3 years work experience but it also says 'depending on your occupation' and 'most applicants' so im guessing there are some exceptions to this case. For context, im a new flying instructor...
  3. Visas and immigration
    I am an Australian national and my boyfriend is from India. We want to apply for Partner Visa and want to get some suggestions on our status. We first met a year ago. Both of us were respectively working abroad in different countries. We first met in Hanoi, Vietnam while my partner was on a...
  4. Visas and immigration
    i Need some immigration help for Australia. Please someone tell me the procedure
1-4 of 4 Results