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  1. Travel questions
    Hi, In Australia, which Iphone navigation app for driving is recommended ? The only condition I want is that it should have lane assistance. Does Google maps have lane assistance for Australia ? Thanks,
  2. Business and investment
    Share your creative juice! Join our Name our Apps contest - Just fill up the contact form and submit your answer - switchtocloud [dot] blogspot [dot] com
  3. General chit-chat and news
    I'm traveling from the US to Oz, and am looking into options for mobile phones. I currently own an iPhone 4s, but my carrier is Verizon. (So the phone is currently locked.) Has anyone else unlocked their phones? Opinions on best third party tutorials or guides on how to correctly do this...
  4. General chit-chat and news
    Just thought I would pass on some info to all the Travellers here about a new App out in the App Store for iPhone Users. It is called The Aussie Slang Bible and it has heaps and heaps of phrases, slang and sayings to help interpret us Aussies. It is cheaps as chips if not cheaper. Thanks heaps...
1-4 of 7 Results